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we looked at Utah or California in terms of the number of fraudulent claims that come up, comparative to what you have seen?

Zuelke:I wish I could give you an answer to that particular question.  I have been on this job and was appointed to this job approximately four months ago.  And I’m in the early stages of getting a real good feel for what’s going on in the field.  One of the things I think is going to allow us to assist in answering that question, Ms. Jones has indicated that it will not be an issue for the State of Nevada to host a regional integrity meeting, by which they’ll be bringing representatives of the benefit payment control units and some benefit accuracy measurement units to the State of Nevada where we can discuss some of those common principles.  One of the things we did discover, and this was just as recently as this past Friday, we need to do a better job in determining when an individual is not only receiving benefits from the State of Nevada but also in another state.  The other states are to be reporting to us and we’re to be cross matching wage data and claim data with them.  That is not a hundred percent universal and part of that issue is the State of California that is not bringing up all those particular programs as quickly as they should.  As far as what our levels are?  We were a party, a small party to the issue I was talking to you about earlier in the State of California where they defrauded the State of California $17 million.  Our losses amounted to about $250,000 in identity theft circumstances.  But every state is experiencing a level of fraud and the common impression, at least as I receive it through conference calls and discussions with some of my peers in other states, is that it’s rising.  People do not seem to see this as the issue that it may have been 10 years ago.  They’re stealing from a government agency.  They’re not picking from your pocket particularly, they’re just picking from your tax dollars.  

Chair:Thanks again, Steve.  Appreciate it.  

Agenda Item VII - Unemployment Insurance Modernization Project

Chair:We will now have a presentation by Valerie Ryan, Deputy Administrator, on the subject of unemployment insurance modernization project.  

Ryan:Good morning and hello, Mr. Chairman, members of the Council, ladies and gentlemen.  My name is Valerie Ryan and I serve as the Deputy Administrator for the Division.  It is my privilege to give you an overview this morning of the Division’s plans for you and modernization.  What is UI Modernization?  As I’m sure most of you attending this council meeting know, UI is the short acronym for unemployment insurance.  Modernization refers to the trend across the nation for state’s to modernize and improve the efficiencies of their aging computer systems.  As the UI program has evolved over the past three decades in Nevada, a variety of information systems were developed independently, or with limited interfaces, by the operational units of the programs. Modernizing the UI systems will take advantage of new technologies and improve business process efficiency.  The Division also expects to improve outdated reporting methodologies that are imbedded in their legacy software and strengthen the security of the confidential data.  The skates that you see listed on this slide have already embarked on UI modernization projects.  This type of a

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