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healthcare, pensions, training opportunities, giving those individuals the ability to better themselves at their trade.  One of the things that we must remember about these mega resorts is that they were built by skilled labor. These are highly trained carpenters, plumbers, electricians, cement masons, operating engineers, the list goes on.  And the vast majority of them had gone through a four-year apprenticeship and in some cases, actually longer, before they got their journeyman status.  Construction is once more taking off as gaming throws fuel to the fire.  Boyd Gaming has the $4 billion Echelon.  Steve Wynn has the $1.8 billion Encore at Wynn.  And there’s the $1.8 billion Cosmopolitan Resort that is under construction.  There is tentatively $30 billion in construction in Clark County.  The Carpenter’s Union’s research department is currently tracking 120 projects with over 200 towers.  And as much as I’d like to say they’re all going to get built, of course many of them won’t for various reasons.  However, the carpenters are concerned that some of these projects aren’t going to be able to be built because some of the other unions aren’t going to have the qualified trades people to ensure that these projects are able to move ahead.  Those same contractors who can get qualified carpenters and laborers are going to come up short with painters, tapers, electricians and possibly some others.  One of the things about the Carpenters and Laborers Union is they allow the free flow of members.  So members from back east can come out here at no cost as long as they’re paid up on their dues and go to work with the same rights of any member that’s been in town for twenty years. This allows the Union a lot of leeway in procuring qualified, we call them travelers, but qualified carpenters to come to our state and assist in the building of these large projects.  In 1996, the carpenters in Las Vegas built a 64,000 square foot training facility and the carpenters in Reno built a 28,000 square foot training facility for the express purpose of training, not only apprentices, but for the enhanced training of journeyman carpenters.  In 2001, the Carpenters International made a significant investment in training with the construction of their state of the art $22 million Train-the-Trainer Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  And this facility has a $100 million per year training budget and its sole purpose is to train local apprenticeship coordinators throughout the United States and Canada and allow them to take this training home with them so they can teach the latest technology and safety methods to their apprentices and for the journeyman upgrade classes.  And the reason I’m bringing this to your attention is that many of the individuals who are working in the construction industry here in Nevada are coming from other areas of the United States.  Places like Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, the Rust Belt, where there is absolutely no work.  Especially in the construction industry.  And these same jobs that are going to be going to workers from outside the state I believe should or could be going to Nevadans.  I’m a representative of a high school graduate who had no direction after high school.  I mean, I’ll be perfectly honest with you with that.  I found construction accidentally and like so many young people today who are not graduating, who drop out looking for work, there are many opportunities and many carpenters in Las Vegas, as well as Northern Nevada, they could be making a good wage.  A good wage with fringe benefits.  Health care, pensions, annuities.  And my concern is that blue collar work is held

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