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to a different standard than work requiring a degree.  But the opportunities are enormous.  There’s a great many carpenters who will be making over $80,000 a year, plus benefits, and I would like to encourage the State to looking in to how we can increase funding in vocational training programs.  Because I believe that these programs are good for the State of Nevada.  They’re good for our people.  And it will allow us to repair our citizens for basically the next frontier.  Because construction will not stop growing in the State of Nevada.  And I’d just like to pass these out.  It is a little article that was in the RJ down in Las Vegas.  It’s called Vocational Classes Making a Comeback.  And it gives those individuals that are in high school, who really have no desire to go on to college.  And there is really a lot of people who, just as much as I would like to see move on to college, I myself was in construction for seven years before I went back to college, and I think it’s a great opportunity that I think the State should take advantage of.  And I thank you.

Chair:Thank you, Rick.  Very informative and very exciting.  I really appreciated your presentation.  I think all of us have a sense of enthusiasm for what you’ve provided.  I trust that the media will maybe capture and focus on your remarks.  And maybe even two or three or four political campaigns.  I know in the State of California, vocational training is being featured.  And I think it is a very, very important area.  So thank you, again.  Any comments from members of council?

Garbarino:Dave Garbarino.  I’m a representative for the Operating Engineers Union in Las Vegas also.  And I’d kind of like to echo what Rick had said.  We have a state of the art apprenticeship site in Las Vegas as well, with over, probably getting close to 300 apprentices now.  But we’re having the same problems.  Getting younger people interested in that type of work.  And the opportunities out there is just unbelievable.  I have two teenage students in high school now and they don’t push that type of work in high school.  Everything is going more high tech and that’s something I think they need to go back to help the economy.

Chair:Thank you.  Any other commentary?

Agenda Item VI - Unemployment Insurance Integrity Programs

Chair:We’ll go to Steve Zuelke, Integrity Programs Manager of ESD and DETR.

Zuelke:Good morning, Mr. Chairman, members of the Advisory Council.  My name is Steve Zuelke.  I have had the honor of being named as Manager of the Integrity Programs for the Nevada Employment Security Division.  I would like to thank Ms. Jones for inviting me here today to make this presentation.  The integrity programs are necessary to ensure our ability to safeguard the millions of dollars of unemployment taxes paid by Nevada Employers.  Formerly known as Benefit Payment Control and Benefit Accuracy Measurement, this program is designed to consolidate the two functions into a single activity that is charged with ensuring that proper payment is made to eligible unemployment insurance claimants.  As we move into the 21st Century, this task is daunting.  The advent of remote claims filings, advances in technology that facilitate defrauding government support

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