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under the Benefit Accuracy Measurement Program.  We do not intend to impose on Nevada employers.  We intend to open a dialogue and a line of communications that has not been used in this manner.  Payment of unemployment benefits and protecting the employer’s interests are not mutually exclusive concepts.  Rather, when administered correctly, this program keeps thousands of people who are out of work through no fault of their own from becoming insolvent, ensures a fair and equitable tax for the employer, and assists in ensuring the employer’s financial future by keeping money in the economy.  The integrity programs were designed to further strengthen a solid benefit payment system.  By working with internal and external customers, we have started to develop processes that with combat fraud and theft, yet ensure that proper payments of benefits is made when those benefits are due.  This concludes my presentation.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Chair:Are you satisfied with your programs that you are utilizing today?  As far as the level of quality of technology?

Zuelke:Mr. Chairman?  I believe you are referring to the computer programs that we have?

Chair:That is correct.

Zuelke:Mr. Chairman, we have just applied for two different grants.  One grant of which will connect us to the National Directory of New Hire.  We have been advised that we will be funded in that grant.  This will give us access to that type of data where individuals are hired on a national scale, as opposed to just simply a state scale.  The second grant application that we are putting in is to bring an additional person, employees, if you will, to assist us in looking at identity theft.  Part of that package is making a request for some additional technology and minor upgrades that will assist us in identifying circumstances where benefits are being fraudulently received in an identity theft circumstance.  By and large, we do a good job.  Could we do a better job?  Certainly we can.  

Chair:But the numbers do not become skewed in the context of these programs?  Or cannot be?

Zuelke:Mr. Chairman, the difficulty that we encounter as a program, if I had another six full-time employees working on nothing but identity theft and fraud circumstances, I believe I could keep them busy.  The level is out there.  The programs that we have in place identify a large percentage of individuals who fail to report earnings when they are working, individuals who have questionable identities.  The reality of the circumstance is that we have better technology than we have staff to really investigate that technology discovers.

Chair:I see, thank you.  Yeah, Rick?

Wilkening:I just wanted to comment that the carpenters have a hiring hall.  And you made mention about contacting and I just have to comment on the fact that there has been a marked increase in the contact from the state regarding unemployed carpenters.  So I want to commend you on your hard work.  Because it’s

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