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Client Fingerprinting via Analysis of Browser Scripting Environment

navigator.cpuClass: x86_64 navigator.systemLanguage: undefined navigator.language: en_US navigator.buildID: undefined navigator.oscpu: undefined navigator.platform: Linux x86_64 navigator.product: Gecko navigator.productSub: 20030107 navigator.userLanguage: en_US navigator.userProfile: undefined navigator.vendor: KDE navigator.vendorSub: dne custom.scripting: Javascript/1.5 JScript/0.0 custom.property: !d.all d.childNodes d.compatMode !d.documentMode

  • d.

    getElementById d.getElementsByClassName !n.savePreferences

  • w.

    XMLHttpRequest !w.globalStorage !w.postMessage

Figure 5.6-1: Konqueror 4.4.1 on Ubuntu 10.04, x86-64 processor


The K Desktop Environment (KDE) Konqueror browser is available for Linux and UNIX O/Ss as part of the KDE desktop. Konqueror will execute scripts with a version up to and including JavaScript version 1.5. Also Konqueror will execute Microsoft JScript as though it was JavaScript until it encounters a Microsoft specific function. Konqueror does not display a large amount of variance between the sub versions of 3.x.x or 4.x.x, but there are a number of differences between version 3.x and 4.x of the browser.

The navigator.appName property contains the values of either ‘Konqueror’ or ‘Netscape’. ‘Konqueror’ is returned for 3.x, while ‘Netscape’ is returned for 4.x.

The navigator.browserLanguage, navigator.language, and navigator.userLanguage provide information about the language is being used by the browser and O/S. The format of this field is always a 2 character lower case language code, and an uppercase country code. Unlike other browsers, the language code and country code are separated with an underscore (_) character.

The navigator.cpuClass and navigator.platform provide some information about the O/S. Konqueror on PC-BSD will return ‘i386’ or ‘amd64’ depending on the processor architecture, while Konqueror on GNU/Linux will return either ‘i686’ or ‘x86_64’ depending on the processor architecture. The returned values of the navigator.platform property are similar, but they allow the general version of Konqueror to be determined on GNU/Linux. Konqueror on PC-BSD will return ‘FreeBSD i386’ or

Mark Fioravanti, mark.fioravanti.ii@gmail.com

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