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Client Fingerprinting via Analysis of Browser Scripting Environment 4

<script language="jscript"></script> <script language="vbscript"></script>

execute the script is controlled by the

language tag. JavaScript, Microsoft JScript or Microsoft VBScript will be executed.

<script language="javascript1.1"></script> <script language="javascript1.2"></script>

The browser engine will only execute the script if it supports that specific version of the JavaScript language.

Table 2.1.1-1: Using Script Tags to Specify Different Languages in HTML

2.1.2. Scripting Environment

The scripting environment includes a number of objects available for determining the nature of the browser that the script is executing within. The Document Object Model (DOM) which allows scripts to interact with the HTML that is being presented to the client via the ‘document’ object. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) maintains the DOM standard (W3C, 2005). A number of non-standard objects exist that allow scripts to interact with various aspects of the scripting environment, such as the window object. Within the ‘window’ object there are a number of objects like history, location, navigator and screen which can provide additional information about the client and none of which are based on a formal standard (w3schools). Basic information about the functions and properties available within a browser can be obtained at either the w3schools tutorial site or the docType project (Google).

2.2. Microsoft Visual Basic Script (VBScript)

Microsoft VBScript is another scripting language that is implemented in only a few browsers and is modeled on the Visual Basic language (also by Microsoft). Microsoft VBScript was originally released in 1996, and like Microsoft JScript the current version of the scripting engine is v5.8. Unlike JavaScript and JScript, VBScript is not implemented to be compliant with ECMA-262 specification (Microsoft).

2.3. Microsoft JScript

Microsoft JScript is Microsoft’s implementation of the ECMA-262 specification, and the current version of the scripting engine is version 5.8. When JavaScript is being executed within the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, it is actually being executed with the JScript engine (Microsoft). By using the language attributes of the HTML script

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