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Marketing Tactics

There are a number of Marketing tactics that can be employed to help customers navi- gate across your channels, for both multi-channel retailers with stores in Canada and those without.

If you are a multi-channel retailer with stores in Canada, one opportunity is an inte- grated marketing program. At its simplest, integrated marketing makes all aspects of marketing communication work together as a unified force, rather than each channel operating in isolation. It can be thought of as a gestalt system. And at its most advanced, it involves integrating your customer’s feedback from all channels into the customer experience.

Additional integrated marketing tactics that can be used include the following:

  • Providing awareness of tools (e.g., product comparisons or wish lists);

  • Using promotions that help them find information or make decisions regardless of where they transact;

  • Using customer feedback and reviews to help guide your online search;

  • Promoting in-store events using email or using the Web will help to make your site a destination for brand-friendly shoppers;

  • Collecting email at the point of sale;

  • Using your private-label credit card statements for cross-promotional messaging can assist in reducing your overall marketing expense;

  • Marketing the Web in the store and providing a good reason to shop the Web can increase your online traffic; and

  • Consider the value of providing electronic credit card statements online or extended product categories and even gift cards for any occasion. Promoting these from inside the store will contribute to maintaining your band’s awareness with the cross- channel, technologically astute customer.

All retailers entering Canada via their online channel should be aware that the marketing infrastructure is very different from the U.S. As a result of a lack of history of catalogs, the mailing-list industry has lagged. There are no “shopping portals” that promote on- line shopping and locally based comparison shopping sites are few. Agency partner- ships with local media buying expertise should be considered as you design your market-entry plan.

A strong reliance on search engine marketing programs has been popular, but, there will be little difference in cost between the U.S. and Canada for keywords due to the popula- tion concentration in border states and the strong competition among U.S. brands.

Email programs are successfully used; however, the accepted frequency of messaging in Canada versus the U.S. should be carefully tested. Typically, Canadians are more sensitive to the volume of marketing messages they receive. Expect the same deliver- ability issues you see in the U.S. We recommend early discussions with the larger ISPs in Canada to become white-listed. The three biggest providers are:

  • Bell;

  • Rogers; and

  • Telus.

Visa e-commerce cross-border handbook for U.S. retailers

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