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Conducting cross-border e-commerce in any country comes with a myriad of challenges and rewards, and doing so in Canada is no exception. While similar to the United States in many ways, the Canadian consumer and its competitive landscape have many differ- ences. And for many internationally ambitious companies, the Canadian market repre- sents the first step in understanding effective solutions as they convert insights into strategies. The global stage awaits for some companies, as e-commerce grows in mature and emerging markets alike.

Our overall objective in developing this handbook, is to provide U.S. retailers, and manufacturers seeking to trial or launch a full scale cross-border initiative, with a set of guidelines and tips, as they embark on this journey. The book is comprised of a broad range of issues, from strategy to consumer insights to operations and legal requirements.

The cross-border e-commerce handbook is not meant to answer all of the questions that will be raised as your e-commerce business delves more deeply into this venture. Each company will have to customize their due diligence and seek professional advice to their own unique situation; yet we have endeavored to provide an accelerated learn- ing curve through this book.

It is our ardent hope that the information contained in the cross-border e-commerce handbook provides your company with the direction and new understanding of the Canadian landscape to enhance your competitive positioning.

To assist us with this endeavor, we have asked leading specialists across a number of key areas, to provide their expertise and knowledge as your company looks to make such an investment.

We would like to extend special thanks to the contributing authors of the handbook. They include J.C. Williams Group; Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP; CyberSource Inc; Minden Gross LLP; Sally MacKenzie, and Spaide, Kuipers and Company.

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