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Tracking and Reporting Results

It will be especially important to track, analyze and document Canadian-specific results during your first year of selling online in the Canadian space. This will help in under- standing differences between U.S. and Canadian buying patterns as well as revealing operational challenges and needs.

Marketing and merchandising will need to coordinate efforts in tracking and reporting results—it is recommended that each major promotion have a formal “results and lessons learned” write-up to assist with planning the following year. It should include the following:

  • Objectives, description and timing of events;

  • Merchandise offers included;

  • Marketing support by channel;

  • Results of merchandise offers (units sold, coupons redeemed, etc.);

  • Results of marketing support: spend and response rates by channel;

  • Lessons learned: what worked, areas of opportunity for next year; and

  • Operational issues: call center or fulfillment wins/opportunities.

Throughout this chapter, we have discussed the unique considerations that must be made when approaching merchandising for the Canadian e-commerce shopper. This information is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather to reveal issues for further investigation and consideration. While the close proximity of Canada and the lack of language barriers makes it an attractive location for exploring international expansion, it is particularly important to acknowledge the unique needs of its customers and the operational challenges involved. Careful planning and focused execution are keys to success, as is tracking results and learning from this information.

Financial: the implications financially for your merchandising program will determine whether your company is profitable or not. Having the right product at the right time for your customers, along with a pleasant shopping experience, will provide customers with a clear choice.

Strategic: strategically, the product selection and positioning in the Canadian marketplace will enable your firm to quickly define your market segment. If your online merchandising does not reflect every aspect of your brand, customers will become confused, thus potentially impacting the overall brand.

Customer: for the customer, it demonstrates that you have taken the time and energy to select products that they like and want. If customers do not feel you are not paying attention to their specific needs, they will find an alternative.


Visa e-commerce cross-border handbook for U.S. retailers

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