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  • Prepare Request for Proposal (RFP) and listing of qualified third-party suppliers able to meet the requirements of the recommended approach;

  • Definition of new interfaces with the Web platform, order-management application, and legacy systems;

  • New contact center and distribution center facility and systems requirements;

  • International payment processing, shopping cart and shipping solutions;

  • Operating budget that includes:

    • -

      One-time and capital expenses

    • -

      Fixed and variable payroll

    • -

      Information Technology

    • -


    • -

      Freight in and out

    • -


Next, the activities that are required to implement the recommended approach should be identified and listed in chronological order. Alongside the activities, each should be accompanied by a brief description of each task, how each will be accomplished, and by whom. Through this listing of tasks, all involved personnel will understand the scope of the implementation activity. As a result, responsibilities could be assigned and detailed schedules prepared.

A project manager should prepare and distribute a weekly progress report listing each task and showing responsibility, scheduled start and completion dates, and progress to date.

Basically, there are two critical elements of an international deployment that a retailer should focus on to ensure that the launch and subsequent processing goes well. First, choose your in-country partners wisely. Throughout the process, the retailer will need to rely on its partners to provide valuable insight. What is the best way to localize oper- ating and service offerings while at the same time preserving the brand? Partners will provide insight into questions such as these. Second, plan on the overall process taking more time than a comparable project would normally take at “home”. The distance involved, the language, and, most importantly, the level of complexity and uncertainty associated with entering a “foreign” business and cultural environment will invariably result in unplanned detours and delays along the way.

  • Financial: The implications to the company from a financial perspective in terms of a significant investment in technology and operating infrastructure could be signifi- cant. Looking at your long-term goals and objectives for the e-commerce channel will enable your company to better gauge the financial resources required.

  • Strategic: As with your domestic business, superior operating performance can be used as a key point of difference from your competitors. Pre/post-purchase capabil- ities that enable the consumer to seamlessly order products from your company and have it delivered in a timely manner could represent a strategic difference.

  • Consumer: For the consumer, it means the company delivers a world-class level of service that meets or exceeds the customer’s expectation. Visa e-commerce cross-border handbook for U.S. retailers Copyright 2010 Visa. All rights reserved. 6-8

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