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model is currently being used for flutter analysis.

ART has also supported the modeling of the Comanche Bearingless Main Rotor (BMR). This involved enhancing components and utilities to facilitate analysis of the Comanche Regressing Lag Mode (RLM) phenomena. In addition, ART has supported modeling of the CH-47 Improved Cargo Helicopter (ICH) in RCAS.

Project 6: HI-ARMS

Summary of Services Performed:  Coupling of Comprehensive Structural Analysis Codes to Computational Fluid Dynamics Codes for advanced Modeling and Simulation

ART is currently under contract to couple the ART comprehensive modeling and analysis code RCAS to new advanced CFD modules for the HI-ARMS program. As a part of this SBIR, RCAS has been modified to be run under Python, an interpretive interface language, in the same manner as the CFD modules.  In this approach, the interface between RCAS and CFD via input/output file system is bypassed and the data transfer is accomplished via memory access, which is faster for the tight coupling.

Project 7: H-60M helicopter Upgrade Program

Summary of Services Performed: Use ART modeling and analysis tool FLIGHTLAB to design and simulate upgrades to the H-60M helicopter

ART is supporting both the U.S. army Aviation Engineering Division at Huntsville, AL and other commercial companies in their effort to improve the lift and performance of the H-60M helicopter. This project involves using FLIGHTLAB to perform modeling and analyses In support of the UH-60M helicopter upgrade program for an increased lifting capability and performance in order to operate under severe flight conditions. The modeling and simulation support includes the development of GE's CT7-8B engine simulation model in FLIGHTLAB and integration of the engine with H-60M rotor/airframe model for a coupled multi-dissimilar engine failure analysis. The integrated nonlinear engine/rotor/airframe simulation also supports the drivetrain stability and autorotation analysis to provide pre-flight test analysis for an enhanced flight test productivity and safety. ART also successfully developed a high order rotor interference model that can accurately predict the asymmetric horizontal loads due to the impingement of the rotor downwash on the stabilator. Finally, efforts were also made in enhancing the blade element H-60M simulation model to support MH-60M airframe loads prediction under both steady and unsteady maneuvering flight conditions.

Project 8: Waypoint Following

Summary of Services Performed:  Design and testing of a trajectory following autonomous control system for a UAV

ART was awarded a contract by ARI to develop and implement a trajectory following algorithm for an autonomous aircraft. The main goal of the project was to develop an autonomous navigation algorithm that commands the aircraft to follow a sequence of waypoints.  The

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