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Project 17: Lift Simulation for Helicopters Improvement Program (LSHIP)

Summary of Services Performed: Integration and testing of FLIGHTLAB UH-60 flight dynamics model with shipboard landing on a U.S. Army Operational Flight Trainer

Under a prime contract from the Army’s PEOSTRI, ART provided a UH-60 flight dynamics model that included our latest shipboard landing modeling capability and assisted in integrating and testing it with an existing UH-60 Operational Flight Training simulator at Ft. Campbell. The model included the effect of the ship airwake on the helicopter. The ship airwake was generated using Computational Fluid Dynamics with a detailed model of the ship’s geometry. ART also provided a nonlinear six degree of freedom motion of the ship and used it to drive a visual representation of the ship in the simulator. Other helicopter ship interactions included the dynamic ground effect of the ship moving under the helicopter, the partial ground effects resulting from a rotor partially over the deck, and the interaction between the helicopter landing gear and the deck. Several pilots that were experienced with shipboard helicopter operations were brought in to test the flight dynamics model and simulator. Their conclusion was that the simulator was very representative of the helicopter shipboard landing and that the addition of an accurate airwake from the ship’s superstructure was an essential part of the realistic training environment.

Project 18: CHSSI – HPC RCAS

Summary of Services Performed: Integration of RCAS with Overflow CFD program and testing with CH-47 model

As part of the High Performance Computing and Modernization Program (HPCMP) under the Collaborative Simulation and Testing (CST-05) portfolio, ART was tasked to support the integration/interface of RCAS with OVERFLOW.  Under this contract, ART performed, designed, and implemented the automatic RCAS-OVERFLOW coupling in RCAS. The setup for the CH-47 tandem rotor configuration was completed and an initial run was made in hover. A nonlinear transient response and maneuver were performed for the UH-60 isolated rotor.

Project 19: DASH SIM

Summary of Services Performed:  Integration and testing of FLIGHTLAB UH-60 flight dynamics model with Army research simulators. Integration with tactical environment and visual display using HLA.

Under a contract to the U.S. Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate, ART integrated FLIGHTLAB models of the UH-60 helicopter with two cockpits and helmet mounted display systems that had previously been used with the Crew Station Research and Development Facility (CSRDF) at the Ames Research Center. The flight models were integrated with the STRIVE tactical environment from CAE and with the XIG Image Generation System from CATI using the Higher Level Architecture (HLA) for distributed simulation. The HLA interface allowed the two helicopter simulators to perform as free flight players in the Strive tactical environment.

Project 20: Ship Dynamics/Ship Air Wake Interface

Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, Inc.

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