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Project 6: HI-ARMS - Coupling of Comprehensive Structural Analysis Codes to Computational Fluid Dynamics Codes for advanced Modeling and Simulation

Project 7: H-60M helicopter Upgrade Program - Use ART modeling and analysis tool FLIGHTLAB to design and simulate upgrades to the H-60M helicopter

Project 8: Waypoint Following - Design and testing of a trajectory following autonomous control system for a UAV

Project 9: Sensor Visualization - Develop visualization tool for Apache helicopter electro-optical sensor blind spots

Project 10: CH-53 Aeroelastic Simulation Model

Project 11: Ducted Fan Model  - Develop a ducted fan model in FLIGHTLAB that includes blade element modeling of the rotor, panel method modeling of the duct, and mutual interaction between the rotor and duct.

Project 12: OH-58D Model for Flight School XXI

Integration and Testing of OH-58D flight dynamics model with Rockwell simulator for U.S. Army Flight School XXI

Project 13: Sling Load Modeling for Handling Qualities Analysis - Modeling and validation of sling loads for handling qualities analysis

Project 14: HeliQuiet - Couple RCAS with CFD codes to provide a design environment for quieter rotor blades

Project 15: Advanced Multi-Aircraft Shipboard Landing Model - Model aerodynamic interaction of multiple aircraft in a shipboard environment

Project 16: OH-58D Simulator for Advanced Rotorcraft Training Services - Designed, developed and certified to FAA Level D standards a simulator of the OH-58D helicopter.

Project 17: Lift Simulation for Helicopters Improvement Program (LSHIP)

Integration and testing of FLIGHTLAB UH-60 flight dynamics model with shipboard landing on a U.S. Army Operational Flight Trainer

Project 18: CHSSI – HPC RCAS - Integration of RCAS with Overflow CFD program and testing with CH-47 model

Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, Inc.

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