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International Marketing Communications


1.4 Abbreviations List

    • BA- British Airways

    • BAA – British Airport Authority

  • 2.

    Situation Analysis

This section aims to identify the main cause of the problem at the Terminal 5 and to develop a set of communicational aims and objectives to tackle accordingly. This will done through answering the following questions: What went wrong? Who is responsible for what? How these affect on BA? How should BA response to it?

2.1 What went wrong?

There were many things went wrong at the new Terminal 5, to summarise:

      • 2.1.1

        Internal Failures

        • Breakdown on the IT system: as a result, the baggage handling system could not run automatically, instead had to be picked up manually (BBC 2008)

        • Lack of training on the ground Staff: so many baggage handling staffs did not familiar with their new working environment and did not know how to operate new system (BBC 2008)

        • Inadequate human resource placement: this has caused a staff shortage at the key areas such as baggage handling (BBC 2008)

All of these problems together caused a serious delay in the baggage handling at the new Terminal 5, which in turn have resulted many of BA customers’ bags either failed to travel with their owners at the first place or simply just lost and also forced BA to cancel or re-direct many of its flights. (BBC 2008)

      • 2.1.2

        External Failures

        • Communication breakdown between BA and its passengers: BA failed to inform its customers on above problems (Evening Standard 2008)

        • Poor customer services: BA did little to assist its customers on re-arranging their travelling plans and little compensation were given out as well (Evening Standard


2.2 Who is responsible for what?

Although Terminal 5 is used solely by BA (BA 2008) but it owned and operated by BAA, an airport provision and management company, who is responsible for providing all the ground services to the BA passengers. (BAA 2008)

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