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International Marketing Communications


3.3 Profile Strategies

Profile strategy is a strategy that aims to distinct company from all its competitors through activities that to bring up public (all groups in the society) awareness, perception and attitudes towards the company itself. This can be done via continual dialogue with public; its central goal is therefore to develop a trust and commitment that ultimately lead to grow in relationships. (Fill 2002)

Possible approaches could be used by BA

  • Short term: press releases or announcements

  • Long term: sponsorships

Pull, push and profile strategies all have their unique function and serve a particular need in the marketing communication process thus should all include as a part of the overall strategy.

4. An Overall Communication Strategy (a Marketing Mix Plan)

There are many factors that will impact the formulation and implementation of a strategic communication programme. At the heart of these is the mindset of its target audiences. Understand their decision making process would therefore help to justify which strategy will be applied to whom at the later part of this report.

4.1 Consumer Buying Behaviour

Over the years, many models have been developed to formulise the consumer buying behaviour. Two are particular useful for the purpose of this report.

4.1.1 Extensive Problem Solving Model

This model displays how a consumer moves through the purchasing cycle. It argues that a person normally starts its purchasing cycle through a ‘problem recognition,’ where there is a problem need to be solved; then moves on to the ‘information search’ stage to search for information that can solve the problem, this may involves ads, visit to the website and

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