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Resume of Lynn C. Jones, CPA, ABV, CFE


Costa Brava Partnership III, L.P., v Goodman & Company, LLP [Circuit Court of the County of Fairfax, Virginia] Testified regarding the applicable professional standards for the conduct of the financial statement audit and related SEC reporting and related such standards to actions of the defendant public accounting firm.

RSR Corporation v PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP and FTI Consulting, Inc. [District Court of Dallas County, Texas, 298th Judicial District] My role involved describing the professional standards applicable to the conduct of consulting engagements by CPA licensees in Texas and firms registered with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy and contrasting such standards with the acts of defendants.

Barbara Hayden, M. D. v St. John’s Medical Plaza, et al. [Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles, California, presentation at Mediation, Deposition testimony, Court testimony] My work involved measuring losses associated with a delay in the build-out and opening of an outpatient surgery center including operating rooms, procedure rooms and related staffing.

Urethane Products Corporation v Gerald Thermos [Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles, California, Declaration] My testimony included one or more declarations relating to fabricated stock transfer records and other actions by the company president.

Santa Monica Airport Association v City of Santa Monica [Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles, California, Trial testimony] I testified as to the economic disparity between the treatment of favored versus non- favored business tenants of the Santa Monica airport and the disincentive to investment referable to the City’s withholding of long-term lease for fixed base operators and other business tenants.

Amelco v. City of Thousand Oaks [Superior Court for the County of Ventura, Deposition and Trial Testimony] Trial II In this re-trial resulting for a California Supreme Court decision disallowing much of plaintiff’s earlier damages evidence and related testimony, I again provided an analysis of plaintiff’s costs in excess of contract amounts and related some to events under the control of plaintiff, others not.

One-on-One Sports Radio Network v. Premiere Radio Networks, Inc. [American Arbitration Association in Los Angeles, Deposition testimony, Arbitration testimony] My role was to outline audit procedures which could be used to verify the accuracy of payments arising from the agency sale of advertising run in connection with radio programming and to assess whether one network had been treated equitably relative to another based on audience share in connection with the sale of bundled advertising contracts and to comment on alternative means of verifying specific information which would allow greater protection of the confidential information held by the respondent.

John Cottle dba Valley Fresh Produce v Pacific Rim Enterprises, LLC et al. and counterclaim [Superior Court of California for the County of Fresno, Deposition (May 2002) testimony] I provided an analysis of both plaintiff’s and defendant’s profitability before and after the break-up of their former alliance and determined the extent to which sales by one harmed the other.

Covington v Intervalley Health Plan and Pomona Valley Hospital [Los Angeles Superior Court, Deposition (July, 2000) and Trial testimony] I was called as a percipient witness via subpoena from plaintiff’s counsel to testify as to the financial strength and prospective financial condition of Intervalley Health Plan (a former client at which I had performed financial consulting) based on my analysis of same during 1996-97.

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