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Chapter 3. Creating your own markup

Purpose and components

The "X" in XML stands for extensible. By this the creators of XML mean it should be easy to create one's own markup -- a vocabulary or language intended to describe a set of data/information. The key to creating an XML mark up language is to first articulate what the documents will be used for, and second the ability to specify the essential components of a document and assign them elements. The process of creating an XML mark up is similar to the process of designing a database application. You must ask yourself what data you will need and create places for that data to be saved.

Creating a markup for a letter serves as an excellent example:

December 11, 2002

Melvile Dewey Columbia University New York, NY

Dear Melvile,

I have been reading your ideas concering the nature of librarianship, and I find them very intriguing. I would love the opportunity to discuss with you the role of the card catalog in today's libraries considering the advent to World Wide Web. Specifically, how are things like Google and Amazon.com changing our patrons' expectations of library services? Mr. Cutter and I will be discussing these ideas at the next Annual Meeting, and we are available at the follow dates/times:

  • *

    Monday, 2-4

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      Tuesday, 3-5

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      Thursday, 1-3

We hope you can join us.

Sincerely, S. R. Ranganathan


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