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Chapter 11. CIMI XML Schema for SPECTRUM


CIMI (formerly known as the Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information) is an organization assisting the museum community build and adopt standards in an effort to improve the sharing of data and information. To this end, CIMI undertook a study to explore and adapt an XML schema called SPECTRUM from an organization called mda in the United Kingdom. The result is the CIMI XML Schema for SPECTRUM. As described on the CIMI website:

The CIMI XML Schema will enable museums to encode rich descriptive information relating to museum objects, including associated information about people, places and events surrounding the history of museum objects, as well as information about their management and use within museums. The CIMI XML Schema will be useful for mi- grating data, the sharing of information between applications, and as an interchange format of OAI (Open Archives Initiative) metadata harvesting.

The root element of a CIMI Schema file is the interchange element, and within the interchange element are one or more record elements. Each record element is made up of a data element and a metadata ele- ment, and the data elements are described with address, object, organisation, people, person, or place elements. Consequently, a skeleton CIMI Schema document consisting of a single record might look like this:

<interchange xmlns="http://www.cimi.org/wg/xml spectrum/Schema-v1.5"> <record> <data> <address /> <object /> <organisation /> <people /> <person /> <place /> </data> <metadata /> </record> </interchange> _

Through the liberal use of the remaining elements of the schema, museums ought to be able to track and record characteristics of their collections, objects in their collections, and exhibits.

Just for fun, below is a valid CIMI XML Schema document breifly describing a collection of my own, my water collection. (Yes, I collect water. In fact, I have about 150 waters from all over the world.)

<?xml version="1.0"?> <interchange xmlns="http://www.cimi.org/wg/xml spectrum/Schema-v1.5">


<record> <data>


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