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    Introduction to selected XML languages: XHTML, TEI, DocBook, RDF, etc.

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    XML and MySQL, Perl, swish-e, and Apache.

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    Web services (OAI and SRU)

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    Selected reading list

About the author

Professionally speaking, Eric Lease Morgan is a librarian first and a computer user second. His goal is to discover new ways to use computers to provide better library services and ultimately increase useful knowledge and understanding.

During the day Eric is the Head of the Digital Access and Information Architecture Department at the University Libraries of Notre Dame. As such he and Team DAIAD help the Libraries do stuff digital. In the evening and on the weekends Eric spends much of his time doing more library work but under the ruberic of Infomotions, Inc. While wearing this hat Eric writes computer programs, provides consulting services, and maintains his infomotions.com domain where his photo gallery, Alex Catalogue of Elec- tronic Texts, and Musing on Information are the showcases.

Eric has a BA in Philosophy from Bethany College, Bethany, WV (1982). He has an MIS from Drexel University (1987). He had been writting software since 1978 and been giving it away at least a decade before the term "open source" was coined. In 1998, Eric helped develop and popularize the idea of MyLibrary, a user-driven, customizable interface to collections of library services and content -- a portal.

Recognized numersous times by his peers, Eric won the 1991 Meckler Computers in Libraries Grand Prize and was runner-up in 1990, received three Apple Library of Tomorrow (ALOT) grants, won the 2002 Bowker/Ulrich Serials Librarianship Award, was designated as one of the "Top Librarian Person- alities on the Web" in a 2002 issue of Searcher Magazine, was deemed a "2002 Mover & Shaker" in Library Journal, and won the the 2004 LITA HiTech Award for excellent communication and contribu- tions to the profession.

In his copious spare time, Eric can be seen playing disc (frisbee) golf and folding defective floppy disks into intricate origami flora and fauna.


This workbook has grown larger and larger over the past couple of years. Through the process it has lost some of its coherency. I know there are spelling and gramatical errors. The whole thing is in need of a good editor. If you enjoy editing, and if you have some understanding of DocBook, then don't hesitate to "apply within".

E r i c L e a s e M o r g a n ( e r i c _ m o r g a n @ i n f o m o t i o n s . c o m [ m a i l t o : e r i c _ m o r g a n @ i n f o m o t i o n s . c o m ] )


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