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Plan Review News Smoke and draft control doors:

Section 715.3.3 of the NCBC requires that fire door assemblies located in corri- dors, smoke barriers and smoke partitions meet the requirements for a smoke- and draft-control door assembly tested in accordance with UL 1784. This is in addition to the required 20 minute fire-resistance-rating. This standard is in- tended to address the movement of smoke through a door located in a fire- resistance-rated assembly. Most doors that are labeled for smoke- and draft- control require a gasketing system to be installed in the field. Installation is to be in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to note that compliance with this standard is not required for all corridors, only those required to be fire-resistance-rated in accordance with Sec- tion 1016.1. Smoke barriers and smoke partitions are typically associated with I-2 (hospital) occupancies as specified in section 407 of the NCBC. Section 715.3.5.3 of the NCBC requires that all smoke and draft control doors be labeled and show the letter “S” on the fire rating label of the door. Per section 715.3.5.1, fire door labels shall show the name of manufacturer, third party inspection agency and fire protection rating. In addition, smoke and draft control doors comply- ing with UL 1784 shall be labeled as such. Without this label it is difficult to assess in the field whether a door has this feature both for inspectors and future maintenance. Verifying this information in the con- struction document door schedule would further help to insure compliance in the field.

Plumbing Code News Plumbing Code Workshops The 2009 plumbing code will be effective on January 1st 2009. There will be a grace period of six months for use of either code on a project during this time frame, however you can- not mix and match the two codes. The North Carolina 2009 plumbing code is based on the 2006 International Plumbing Code with North Carolina amendments. On this note there are several continuing education classes offered in the spring of 2009. These plumbing workshops are approved by the N.C. Plumbing Heating License Board for 6 hours of con- tinuing education credit for license renewal. The workshop locations are as follows:

Feb. 10th 2009 Rocky Mount March 12th 2009 Morganton April 16th 2009 Wilmington M a y 6 t h 2 0 0 9 H i g h P o i n t J u n e 8 t h 2 0 0 9 N a g s H e a d B e a c h

For registration and location information please con- tact Reid Goforth at (828) 312-5709.

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