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450-470 MHz band alignment


5.1 Responses to the consultation – some questions

In response to the consultation document, particular attention is drawn to the following questions.

1In considering the band plan given in Annex C (in particular, the frequency you are currently operating on and the frequency you will have to move to), what issues would you face as a result of band alignment? The following points might assist your thinking:

the down time of your radio system during the alignment changeover period;

the availability of technicians to carry out the required changes to your system;

the availability of equipment (for short-term hire, new equipment etc);

health and safety/contractual issues; and

alternative solutions (GSM, DECT etc).

2As a site owner, dealer or manufacturer, what issues do you anticipate regarding band alignment?

3Do you have any comments on the Regulatory Impact Assessment in Annex A?


Further areas you might like to consider in your response are contained in the questions that were recently posed to users in this band – see


5.2 Dates and addresses for responses

We welcome your responses to the issues raised in the consultation document and request that responses to this consultation should be sent, to arrive no later than 24 March 2003, to the following address:

Band Alignment Project Team

Radiocommunications Agency


Wyndham House

189 Marsh Wall

London E14 9SX

Email: band.realignment@ra.gsi.gov.uk

Any comments or complaints about the conduct of this consultation should be addressed to:

Julia Fraser

Information and Publicity Manager

Radiocommunications Agency


Wyndham House

189 Marsh Wall

London E14 9SX

Email: julia.fraser@ra.gsi.gov.uk

5.3Notes to respondents

Respondents to this consultation should note that, in the interest of open government:

unless confidentiality is expressly requested, individual responses will be placed in the public domain in printed and electronic form, together with the names and contact details of the authors. Respondents are requested to make it very clear if they wish to keep some or all of their response confidential and are advised to separate any confidential material into a clearly marked annex;

unconditional permission to publish responses will be assumed unless the author expressly states otherwise;

any copyright attached to the responses will be assumed to have been relinquished unless it is expressly reserved; and

the provision of the Data Protection Act 1998 will apply to information in electronic form.

Responses from representative groups should be accompanied by a summary of the people and organisations they represent.

It would be helpful if lengthy written documents could be supplied on disk or by email (preferably in Word 97 format). Further copies of this consultation can be obtained by contacting:

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