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US Army Combined Arms Center – intellectual center of the army

USACEWP Significant Efforts

Develop Army CNO-EW Concepts and Doctrine

Integrated EW requirements into Army Functional Concepts

EW Concept Capability Plan (CCP): Approved by Dir, ARCIC

Program Directive for FMI 3-36, Electronic Warfare approved.

Final Draft of FMI 3-36 completed; out for Army-wide staffing.

Publishing of FMI 3-36 scheduled for fall/winter 08.

Cyberspace Symposium, Sep 22-25, will serve as first step toward CNO CCP

Establish Army EW Personnel and Force Structure Requirements

ASIs established, recoding billets

Interim Structure solution (FDU Jr.) approved

EW FDU approved by VCSA to compete in TAA 10-15

MOCS actions to create EW MOS and Functional Area at TRADOC and DA

Establish Training and Integrate EW into Leader Development

Tactical and Operational Courses underway

Army-wide Training Needs Assessment complete

MTTs established to meet DA G-3 guidance for Army EW Initial Operating Capability

EW Functional Area Qualification Course pilot course being conducted at Ft. Sill

Establish Materiel Requirement Process

Integrated with JIEDDO for quick-look studies

TCM-EWI Charter approved by CG TRADOC

Creating MOUs with multiple combat/materiel development organizations (INSCOM, USMC MCCDC)

Conducting EW Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA) to identify Army EW requirements, gaps, proposed solution:  FAA in final staffing, FNA underway

Establish Proponent Capability and Capacity

EW Proponent established as separate CAC MSO

EW Proponent designated Personnel Proponent for EW

Concept Plan approved by TRADOC, at DAMO-FM for staffing

FY08 and beyond resource requirements / POM

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