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Fig. 5. Scenario 4 to 6

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    Scenario 5 – Unplanned OTS-based project with some familiar OTS candi- dates: In this scenario, the project members decided to use OTS components in a late phase. However, they do not have previous experience with all OTS component candidates. In order to decide the main development process, the issues are similar with those of scenario 4.

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    Scenario 6 – Unplanned OTS-based project with familiar OTS candidates: In this scenario, although the project members decided to use OTS components in a late development phase, they have enough experience on the OTS com- ponent candidates or are able to hire a person with such experience. In case the project members have used the OTS component many times before, the OTS component can be regarded as comparable to in-house built components. Although the use of OTS component is a little risky due to the same reasons as described in scenarios 4 and 5, this scenario is less risky because of using fa- miliar OTS components. It may not be necessary to do major changes to the current development process.

In our studied project, about 75% of them can be classified into scenario 4 to 6, because they decided their main development processes before they started to think about using OTS components. In these projects, 65% used familiar OTS components and therefore can be classified into scenario 6.

5.3. The scenario of semi-planned OTS-based software development

This scenario is a mix of scenarios 1, 2, or 3 with scenarios 4, 5 or 6, whereby the use of OTS components is planned for some parts of the system. The main development process is decided according to the use of OTS components. However, in a late phase of the project, the project member may need to add some unplanned OTS component due to the same reasons as scenario 4, 5, or 6.


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