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The Community Fitness Program

The Community Fitness Program held at the Museum of Science and Industry was designed by the University of Chicago Medicine to encourage healthy fitness habits and to assist you in integrating a regular exercise program into your health routine. The program is open to all ages and oers an educational quarter-mile path inside one of the world’s most famous museums.

To join the museum, please visit msichicago.org.

Class Hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:30–9AM Walking Wednesday and Friday: 8:15–9AM Exercise class led by a certified fitness instructor n n

Free Membership Includes:

*Membership does not include museum membership.





ID badge Program T-shirt Exercise class led by a certified fitness instructor Quarterly health education sessions

Benefits of Daily Physical Activity Boosts energy level Improves self image Keeps weight under control Helps delay or prevent chronic illnesses associated with aging and maintains quality of life and independence longer n n n n

Positive Health Choices Make a personal commitment to keeping fit and being heart healthy. Make healthy food choices. Exercise regularly. Create an exercise diary. Consult your physician. n n n n n

Preregistration is required.

For questions or to register, contact the community fitness coordinator at 773.702.5600 or outreach@uchospitals.edu.

“I am 87 years young and have participated in the fitness program for several years. The benefits are many. For example: walking improves my memory, circulation and mobility, and it helps lower my blood pressure. I can choose to walk alone or increase my speed and join a fellow walker to converse while walking. From the exercise class, I have gained energy, strength and flexibility. I feel healthy, free and fantastic and have also made lots of new friends!”

“I have been working with the Community Fitness members since 2004. We create an environment that is warm and welcoming. Exercises are modified for all fitness levels. The program helps members to sleep better, lose weight and increase mobility while establishing long-lasting relationships. This is my calling! I get the same benefits from the progams that the members do. They say I motivate them, but in truth, they are the ones who motivate me!”

Cecilia and Robert Brantley, founders of BodyParts Fitness, have been providing successful fitness programs for seniors since 1991. They are grateful for the continual support the ‘mature market’ has given them--’great’ participation throughout the many years of oering their health-wellness service to the community!

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