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Families going through this crisis know too well the financial burden involved in treating and rehabilitating the patient. What many families don’t always consider is how the patient and his family will be taken care of financially for the long term. Insurance typically covers costs associated with treatment and rehabilitation, but families are often at a loss when it comes to planning income sources for future household and well-being costs. Some of the sources for both categories of financial assistance are outlined below.

Funding for Rehabilitation

Private Insurance

Medical costs associated with illness or an accident are covered by private health insurance, either with an individual or group plan. The patient must already have insurance in place, because most carriers will not insure a patient after an injury. The amount of coverage, doctors and hospitals covered, and services covered will vary among different policies, so it is important to contact the patient’s health insurance carrier to find out specific benefits.


Medicare is available to individuals over age 65, or who have a disability, or who have chronic kidney disease. It is administered by the federal government, and applied for through the Social Security Administration. Medicare coverage has two parts. Part A covers hospital services including inpatient hospital services, skilled nursing facility care, and home health care. It does not usually require payment. Part B covers physician services, laboratory services, and outpatient hospital care.


This is a jointly-funded project between the federal and state governments to assist states in providing medical care to eligible needy individuals. Within broad national guidelines, each state establishes its own set of eligibility criteria, type, duration, amount, and scope of services, and rate of payment. Check with the Medicaid program in your state for details about coverage.


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