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job, some of the suggestions mentioned previously about work relationships can be useful. It may also be helpful for the survivor to meet with her employer beforehand to review the job position, duties, requirements, and behaviors expected of the employee. Any accommodations the employer can provide to assist the survivor should be discussed as well.

You may want to consider some of the following:

  • Install ramps, handrails, and handicapped parking spaces

  • Clear equipment that obstructs pathways

  • Provide written job instructions, goals, strategies

  • Allow flexible scheduling, including more work breaks if needed

  • Provide additional time to learn (or relearn) duties

  • Break tasks and assignments into smaller steps

  • Provide picture diagrams of problem-solving techniques (e.g., flow


  • Set weekly meetings with the employee to discuss productivity and

workplace issues. (Job Accommodations Network, 2003)

If the brain-injured individual needs to look for a new place of employment, he should seek assistance from community resources, brain-injury organizations, or job placement agencies. It is a good idea for the individual to be truthful about his or her abilities to any prospective employer or placement agency. The individual should ask what the specific duties of any job are, including physical requirements such as lifting, standing for long periods of time, traveling, or anything that may be beyond what the brain-injured individual can do.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (see Chapter Seven) prohibits prospective employers from discriminating against disabled persons. Therefore, being honest about limitations will help ensure the best match between employer and employee. If discrimination appears to be an issue, the person should seek the advice of an attorney. Keep in mind that if a disabled person is not hired because he cannot perform the duties required, it is not considered discrimination.


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