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Grand Canyon Vacation Guidebook

How to Get the Most Out of Your Grand Canyon Vacation

Thank you for choosing Grand Canyon.com as your Southwestern vacation specialist! You’ve chosen a truly extraordinary place for your next vacation, and our mission is to help you get the most of your trip. Having lived and worked in the Grand Canyon area for over 20 years, our staff has made a few observations and picked up some “insider tips” that can help save you time, money and hassle - sometimes all three at once!

If you’ve gotten most of your Grand Canyon vacation planned by now - booked your flights, reserved your rental car, secured hotel rooms, mapped your itinerary, etc. – then take your left hand, put it on your right shoulder, and pat yourself on the back! You get to skip to Travel Tip #9!

For those who‘ve just now decided on the Grand Canyon as their next travel destination, we hope you’ll find this guide helpful in putting together a trip you’ll be smiling about for years to come!

Before you dig in, we recommend that you have a few minutes of quiet time, a map or road atlas, a pen and/or a highlighter, maybe a beverage, and your

Grand Canyon Top Tours Brochure.”

Let’s get started and get YOU to the Grand Canyon!

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