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Travel Tip 30 – What is the “Grand Canyon Skywalk?”

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a gravity-defying attraction unveiled in March of 2007 at Grand Canyon West. This glass- bottomed horseshoe-shaped walkway juts seventy feet out from the lip of the canyon. Since the structure is cantilevered, no struts or support beams are visible, so you feel like you’re floating high in the air above the Colorado River! Even if the Grand Canyon Skywalk doesn’t appeal to you, Grand Canyon West still warrants consideration as an expeditious and exciting alternative to the South Rim or North Rim, especially when your time is at a premium, but you know you’ve come too far not to see the Grand Canyon.

NEW Special Section: “You Asked, We Answered!” Travel Tip 31 – “Can I Light Fireworks on 4 th

of July?”

Absolutely not! Fireworks are illegal within National Park boundaries. Brush fires are a very real danger (as was proven by the 2006 Warm Fire at the North Rim), and it’s simply not worth the risk. Instead, plan to attend a professional fireworks display in one of the various towns around the Grand Canyon such as Williams, Flagstaff, Kanab and Page. Check the local newspapers, TV or radio stations when you arrive in the area. Even if fireworks are nixed due to dry conditions, there will probably still be parades, carnivals and other events that you can attend or participate in (take a look at Travel Tip #28).

Travel Tip 32 – “Where Can I Watch the Super Bowl, March Madness, the Playoffs, the World Series, Etc?”

Sports fans can catch the games they want to see at one of several sports lounges in the Grand Canyon area. Inside the park, the Maswik Lounge and Sports Bar has not one, but seven TV’s tuned to sporting events around the world. Outside the park, the Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn has an excellent sports lounge with billiard tables. Across the hall is the Squire’s world-famous family play center, which means that while you watch the game, the rest of the family can enjoy bowling, video games and other activities. Across the street, the Grand Hotel’s Canyon Star Saloon has a big screen TV as well. The gateway communities of Williams and Flagstaff (home of Northern Arizona University ) also have several fine pubs and cocktail lounges that cater to sports fans.

Travel Tip 33 – “What if the Weather Turns Bad?”

So what DO you do if your Grand Canyon vacation gets rained out, fogged in, snowed on or otherwise? You don’t hang out in your room and mope, that’s for sure. Just take things indoors. Here are a few things you can do if Grand Canyon weather is less than ideal:

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