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Fr. Corey’s Comments (cont’d)

Is there anything on this list that you feel you might inspire you to donate?  The Diocese needs our gift, no matter what the size, to help those mentioned on the list.  In our daily prayers, we thank God for the many blessing we have received.  We sow what we reap.  Let us prayerfully ask what each one of us can do to help this most worthy cause.

It is with fondness and sadness that we bid our school secretary, Linda Curry, a most ‘happy retirement’.  For most of us, we can hardly imagine St. Mary School without Mrs. Curry.  Her kindness, gentleness, competency and in depth love for St. Mary School, Sr. Anne, the Faculty and Staff, but most of all the students, is without match.  One of the anchors of St. Mary School, Mrs. Curry has been involved in the lives of our School children for 22 years.  We shall all miss you Mrs. Curry and we wish you many happy, healthy and wonderful years after your selfless years of service to our Parish Community.   Thank you from our hearts for all you have done.  May God bless you!

June is the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Today I have included for you a prayer to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary for use in your personal devotions.

The Salutation to the Heart of Jesus and Mary

Hail, Heart most holy,

Hail, Heart most meek,

Hail, Heart most humble,

Hail, Heart most pure,

Hail, Heart most devout,

Hail, Heart most wise,

Hail, Heart most patient,

Hail, Heart most obedient,

Hail, Heart most vigilent,

Hail, Heart most faithful,

Hail, Heart most blessed,

Hail, Heart most merciful,

Hail, most loving Heart of Jesus

and Mary;

Thee we adore, Thee we praise,

Thee we glorify, to Thee do we give thanks;

Thee we love, with all our heart,

with all our soul,  and with all our strength;

to Thee we offer our heart, we give it,

we consecrate it, we immolate it;

accept and posses it entirely, and purify it,

and illuminate it,  and sanctify it;

that in it Thou may live and reign

both now and forever,

and in the ages of ages.


--St. John Eudes

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