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out sitting on a little step in the streets. Admittedly it was towards the end but I could not take the rejection dished out by these "Mesdames".

Soon life returned to 'normal'. A few survivors of concentration camps returned. Even they, when they recovered their health, reassumed their old personality - picked up their lives, at least outwardly. In a way we were luckier than most. Only my favorite grandmother died of starvation and despair in a hiding place in Holland; the part that was liberated much after Belgium was. She gave up hope when she heard that Belgium was free. My father got to her the moment there was transport. She died the day before. She lives in my heart forever.


Ursula Sternberg, a self-taught artist, passed away in Chestnut Hill, PA in September 2000. Her 46yr long marriage to renowned conductor Jonathan Sternberg brought her to fantastic locales…timeless villages in southern France, the summer place of Pablo Casals…From Beijing to Venice. The small byways and major cities of the world figured lucidly into her ink sketches and more formal pieces.

The Victoria and Albert Museum holds a work of Ursula Sternberg in its permanent collection, as does the Rade Museum in Hamburg, Germany, Duke University and the New York Public Library.

More at: http://www.gallerysaintmartin.com/code/artist_pages/ursulasternberg.html

We are grateful to Maestro Jonathan Sternberg for supplying us his wife’s story.

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