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Members of THOMAS LEE PALMER family to attend NAU or ASC

1. Thomas Lee Palmer ‘67; taught at NAU College of Business 1974-2000 2. Wife Gretna Ann Phinizy Palmer ‘66

Children and spouses:

  • 3.

    Kenneth Lee Palmer,‘92

  • 4.

    Wife Deborah Winward Palmer, attended

  • 5.

    Steven Gus Palmer,‘95

  • 6.

    Michael Thomas Palmer,‘95

  • 7.

    Wife Heather Renée Darris Palmer,‘94

  • 8.

    Daniel Aaron Palmer,‘97

  • 9.

    Wife Julie Ann Richardson Palmer,‘96

  • 10.

    Kalynn Palmer, attended

  • 11.

    Husband Michael Dean Pospisil,‘97

  • 12.

    Richard Bryant Palmer,‘00

  • 13.

    Wife Shannon Smith Palmer,‘98

  • 14.

    Timothy Paul Palmer, attended

  • 15.

    Wife Tia Kathleen Noble Palmer,‘01

  • 16.

    Mark Russell Palmer, current

  • 17.

    Wife Celeste Miria Reber Palmer, attended

  • 18.

    Pamela Palmer Owens, attended

  • 19.

    Husband Ronald Tenny Owens,‘00

Older brother of Thomas Lee Palmer, ROBERT GUS PALMER family:

  • 20.

    Robert Gus Palmer,‘66

  • 21.

    Wife Mary Caroline Nelson Palmer,‘64

Children and spouses:

  • 22.

    Patricia Adele Palmer, attended

  • 23.

    Bruce Melvin Palmer, attended

  • 24.

    Wife Debbie Lea McDaniel Palmer, attended

  • 25.

    Andrew Price Palmer, attended

  • 26.

    Eldon Gus Palmer,‘02

  • 27.

    Wife Shannon Lacey Dodge Palmer,‘04

  • 28.

    Julie Loretta Palmer Bryson,‘05

  • 29.

    Sharon Glendene Palmer Howard, current

  • 30.

    Husband Canneton Levi Howard, current

Younger brother of Thomas Lee Palmer, MELVIN JAY PALMER family: 31. Melvin Jay Palmer,‘69,‘74,‘81

Children and spouses:

  • 32.

    Alan Jay Palmer,‘95,‘03

  • 33.

    Wife Vickie Hubbard Wright Palmer,‘94

  • 34.

    Tonya Ruth Palmer Crosby, attended

  • 35.

    Husband Kevin Glen Crosby,‘97

  • 36.

    David Arthur Palmer,‘01

  • 37.

    Kristy Boone Palmer,‘06

Younger sister of Thomas Lee Palmer, MARENA PALMER HALES: 38.Marena Palmer,‘67; taught in College of Business as Marena

Palmer Bennett, 1980-1984

Sisters and spouses and children of GRETNA ANN PHINIZY PALMER, wife of Thomas Lee Palmer:

  • 39.

    Helen Phinizy Kennedy, attended

  • 40.

    Husband Glen Kennedy,‘68,‘71

  • 41.

    Pamela Lee Phinizy Crosby,‘68

  • 42.

    Husband Francis Kennedy Crosby,‘67,‘70

Children and Spouses of PAMELA LEE PHINIZY CROSBY:

  • 43.

    Kendra Crosby Ramsey, attended

  • 44.

    Husband Scott Millard Ramsey,‘86

  • 45.

    Bryant Kasey Crosby,‘96

  • 46.

    Kami Crosby Avila,‘99

  • 47.

    Husband Edward Virgil Avila,‘98

A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women,an occasional animal, and the common cold.—Ogden Nash

MacLean/Haydukovich Family

Mike Joseph Cook, attended Brenda Haydukovich Daly,‘79 David Glen Daly, attended

  • Dennis Daly,‘96 Amy Hanno,‘92,‘00 Brent Hanno* Danny Hanno, attended

Dawn Hanno* Doug Hanno** Candace Olivia Hartman, attended Justin Hartman, ‘00 Joan MacLean Haydukovich* John Haydukovich,‘84 Mark Haydukovich,‘78 Mike Haydukovich* Nick Haydukovich* Paul Haydukovich,‘98 Steven Haydukovich, ‘93 Susan Story Haydukovich,‘78 Tom Haydukovich,‘88 Sara Henrie,‘05 Mary Haydukovich Kriste,‘98 Bess Stevenson MacLean,‘33,‘59 Brandee MacLean,‘07 Carol Giles MacLean,‘05 Dewey MacLean** Jim MacLean,‘88 Joyce MacLean,‘40 LeEllen MacLean* Mike MacLean,‘78 Olive Mitchell McLean,‘33 Jeanne Haydukovich Olivia* Mark Olivia** Carol Reents,‘95 Greg Reents,‘93,‘00 Lori Haydukovich Reents,‘87 Amy Haydukovich Rhoades, attended Brandi Stallnecht Rhoades,‘00 George Rhoades,‘98 Marilee Eveleth Roberts,‘94,‘00 Mike Roberts,‘87, 91 Whitney Roberts, current Jim Sexton**

If the family were a sport, it would be baseball: a long, slow, nonviolent game that is never over until the last out.—Letty Cottin Pogrebin

DeMiguel/Wahler Family

Manuel DeMiguel,‘49,‘55 Annie Rodriguez DeMiguel,‘50,‘68 Yvonne DeMiguel Greer, ‘73 Steven D. Greer,‘72 Stephanie J. Greer,‘99 Ryan C. Greer,‘01 Lyndella DeMiguel, ‘75 Manuel DeMiguel Jr.,‘77 Philip DeMiguel Sr.,‘57,‘63 Nati DeMiguel,‘77 Phillip DeMiguel Jr.,‘78,‘91 Natalie DeMiguel,‘79,‘00 Libby DeMiguel** Frankie DeMiguel*

  • Matthew DeMiguel, current Eric Peter Greer,‘71,‘75 Jeane Ann Holobaugh Greer,‘70,

‘89 Sally Greer Wahler,‘78 Husband Charles B. Wahler,‘78 Jacob J. Wahler, current

  • James D. Wahler* Eric P. Greer* Gina Greer, attended Ricky Greer** Christopher

Greer,‘75 Julie Greer,‘73 Christine Grumbles Greer,‘04 Elyse Jeanine Greer Hittle* Edward Greer, attended Dorcus Beltran Cuinff,‘78 Erin Cuniffe,‘04 Elizabeth McWaters, current Mike Pfeister* Walter Ray Greer*

I can’t think of anything to write about except families. They are a metaphor for every other part of society.—Anna Quindlen

Rhoton/Nelson Family

Tess M. Rhoton,‘00 Brian G. Rhoton,‘02 Patricia Slade Nelson,‘69 Paul Wayne Nelson,‘69 Tye Lynn Stewart,‘07 Terri Shupe,‘99 Tamra Hughes,‘04 Jed Hughes, attended Paul Wayne Nelson, current Melyssa Kartchner Nelson,‘06 Geraldine Gillespie,‘85 Phillip Nelson,‘74 Melissa Nelson, 02 Ronald Nelson,‘72,‘76 Marla Nelson,‘69,‘72 Nicole Nelson Moore,‘94 Bobby Nelson,‘70 Mikey Nelson,‘70,‘72 Amy Nelson Tregaskas,‘97 Ryan Nelson,‘98,‘01 Tammie Nelson,‘98 Erin Nelson** Faron Nelson,‘07 Darwin G. Rhoton,‘78,‘83 Terry Rhoton,‘90 Doug Rhoton,‘67,‘71 Wally Rhoton,‘02 Chad Rhoton,‘03 Amber Lee Dunn Rhoton,‘00 Shane Rhoton,‘04

  • Shannon Kay Whiting Rhoton,‘02 Clinton Whiting,‘07

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*Attendance verified by Registrar’s Office **Unable to verify attendance

Special thanks to Jessica LoCicero in the NAU Office of the Registrar for all her great work!

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