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programs at National Wildlife Ref- uges and all areas of migratory bird management included more than 40 scientific publications, many of which directly influenced the management of natural resources.

Randy Roberts, ‘81 B.S. ACCY., has been appointed to the Auditing Stan- dards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. His term began in October 2007 and will comprise three one-year terms. Randy works for the Arizona Auditor General’s Office as its professional practice director.

Christine Reuter Beckman, ‘84 B.S., ‘07 ED.D., is a full-time faculty member in the Department of Speech Communication at Mesa Community College.

Christine Reuter Beckman,‘84 B.S.,‘07 ED.D., with NAU prof Walter Delecki

Judy Cox, ‘84 M.ED., asks,“Can two pet rats save the world?” Find out in her latest children’s novel, The Mystery of the Burmese Bandicoot (Tails of Frederick and Ishbu).“Frederick and Ishbu are based on real pet rats that I kept in my kindergarten classroom, she writes. The book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Rich Edwards, ‘85 B.S.F., and Glo- ria Edwards, ‘85 B.F.A., ‘90 M.S., own Fire Ready of Glenwood Springs, Colo., a wildfire-mitigation business (fireready.com). They work with clients to design and create wildfire- resistant landscapes, using low-impact forestry and thinning techniques.“To a great extent, the customer’s the boss,” says Rich. “To retain the land’s

natural beauty takes a lot of com- m u n i c a t i o n a n d r e s p e c t f o r e v e r y o n e wants and needs.” s

Cathy Aronson, ‘86 B.S., pedals uphill for more than her own heart’s health: “I rode my bicycle from St. Louis to the coast of Oregon and raised $14,000 to benefit the Firelight Foundation, which helps children in Africa deal with the AIDS crisis.”A pre- vious fundraising bike-a-thon took her from Washington to Maine. To learn more about this unique advocacy group, visit firelightfoundation.org.

Patti Jo Angelini, ‘86 B.S., is working in an extremely difficult gray area: helping parents counsel their own teens while maintaining the fine line between friendship and authority. As executive director of the Arizona Coalition on Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting, she counsels families of kids who participate in risky be- haviors. In a recent Arizona Republic article she said,“What we recommend is to start where you’re comfortable … the kids want boundaries.”

Marty Gruetzmacher, ‘86 B.S., has been promoted to senior vice president of operations for Red Lobster restaurants in the Big East Division. As a senior director in the Paradise Division, he demonstrated strong leadership skills in improving the guest experience and played a key role developing a strong operations model for the company’s California restaurants. He and his wife, Cheryl, are relocating to the Northeast.

Alison Hillmer Wiers, ‘86 B.S., ‘91 M.ED., has been appointed dean of enrollment services at Guilford

Cheryl Casone,‘92 B.S.

Alison Hillmer Wiers,‘86 B.S., ‘91 M.ED.

Technical Community College (GTCC) in Jamestown, N.C. She received her doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin, writing her dissertation on the establishment of the Entertain- ment Technology Program at GTCC. She has also held positions at U. Austin, as well as Indiana University, Davenport University, University of Phoenix and NAU.

Rob Sweeney, ‘87 B.S.B.A., is now assistant chief information officer of the Phoenix Information Technology Department, managing the Enterprise Technical Operations Division. His responsibilities include the Phoenix Regional Wireless Network that supports public safety and municipal radio communication; the city’s IT Project Management Office; and financial and human resources and cable TV contract administration.

Richard D. Fisher, ‘89 B.S., ‘91 M.ED., ‘91 M.A.T., has been hired

as director of educational outreach for the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. In designing and implementing a comprehensive local, state and national public and K-12 outreach program, he will use his experience as founding director of an aerospace-themed regional science center for Florida State/Florida A&M universities. A former NAU lecturer and adjunct professor, Richard started his career as an aviator and officer in the U.S. Army.


Cheryl Casone, ‘92 B.S., has taken a lead role with the new FOX Business Network, anchoring and guiding view- ers “through the heart of the trading day.”A correspondent for FOX News Channel’s business unit since Novem- ber 2006, she provides hourly market updates for both FOXNews.com and Yahoo Finance. Cheryl has also served on regional chapters of boards for the Associated Press Television and Radio Association and American Women in Radio and Television.

Michael Hoffer, ‘92 B.S., sports edi- tor of the Falmouth, Maine, Forecaster, has been named Man of the Year by the Maine Chapter of U.S. Lacrosse, for “documenting to perfection the remarkable growth of [high school] lacrosse in the state of Maine.” Michael lauds the “thrilling game” and the “countless wonderful people involved with the sport.”

Jenny Dowdall, ’95 B.S., is thrilled with brother Ryan Dowdall’s alumni status: “Being from a very large family full of U of A grads, I congratulate Ryan on his accomplishments as a proud Lumberjack.”

Ryan Dowdall and Jenny Dowdall, ‘95 B.S.

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