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Extending the Boundaries of Security Management

MAXxess continues to lead the security industry in innovation and reliability with the latest release of AXxessSecurity Mana ement Software. A complete family of scalable solutions featurin an open architecture approach, AXxess provides unparalleled levels of inte ration to satisfy the unique require- ments of both lar e and small operations.

The MAXxess philosophy is to extend the boundaries of Security Mana ement beyond basic Electronic Access Control, to include:

  • Video Bad in , CCTV/DVR Control

  • Elevator Control, Alarm Monitorin , Remote Site Mana ement

  • Advanced Data Encryption

  • The industry’s first Multi-layered Environmental Security Module

  • Detection of threats includin Smoke, Fire Hazards, Toxic Chemicals and Chemical Warfare A ents

  • Safe Cities™ Security — The inte ration of Traffic & Security Mana ement for Airports, Seaports, Government Facilities and lar e Commercial operations

Exciting New Features!

Professor MAX makes it Easy to Learn Staff trainin on facility mana ement systems is costly and on o- in . Productivity and efficiency suffer with personnel chan es and the need for employees to assume multiple roles within an or ani- sation. The AXxess Software family introduces the security industry’s first “Self-Teachin ” system. More than an on-line manual, embedded on-line audio-visual movie files TEACH and SHOW how to perform all of the tasks required to man- a e the system. A movin picture with audio instruction is invaluable for explainin and teachin the details of system operation and navi ation.

Graphical Floor Plans make it Easy to Use Graphical floor plans, upon which all system confi uration, moni- torin , and control functions can be accomplished, make the Desktop interface truly intuitive. The Desktop can be customised with meanin ful raphics, icons and sounds. System navi ation becomes easy to understand and accomplish, even for first time users.

Flexible, Scalable and Reliable Electronic Access Control

Workin throu h Windows 2000/XP Professional platforms, AXxess is a proven, reliable, feature-rich and future-proofed software packa e, with the emphasis on simplicity and flexibility. Scalability protects your investment as your needs evolve.

Startin with the more basic AXxess Lite or AXxess Express systems, which offer all of the traditional Access Control functionality, a later up rade to a fully func- tional AXxess 202/NS system, with additional capability to mana e CCTV control, Alarm Monitorin , Video ID Bad in , and Environmental Security is a lo ical, cost-effective pro ression.

Additional system features have been built in to make it easier to interact with and mana e security system opera- tions. For example an email can be sent to key personnel based on any event occurrin in the system, or voice annunciation can be activated on system events so that important information and action takin messa es are heard and not just displayed on the screen.

System Software Application Modules

Advanced Data Encryption Module AXxess NS removes the threat to security network connectivity by utilisin a Rijndael Hi h Level Data Encryption scheme that encrypts the data on the network between the communicatin PCs, workstations, and all hardware devices. Rijndael uses a symmetri- cal key, block cipher with a 128-bit block, and is the encryption method reco nised by the U.S. Government as meetin the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AXxess’ Rijndael Encryption Module is not network dependent, so whether RS-485 or Dial up, your data can still be transferred securely.

MultiPort Open Architecture, Integration to the MAX AXxess 202/NS systems come equipped with a Universal Gateway/Interface to Third Party devices or systems. This capability called MultiPort resides on the AXxess server and is capable of up

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