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to 100 external interfaces. The serial inte ration of this system allows for inputs, commands, and bi-directional control of the external system throu h AXxess’ raphical floor plans with it’s own set of icons, etc. This secure, “open architecture” service is multi-taskin and doesn’t slow down other system operations, keepin system thru-put intact. Whether your require- ments are eneric, such as CCTV Control; or Application Specific, requirin inte ration with unique and custom requirements, MultiPort provides the ateway to facilitate any inte ration process.

VideoKey: Simplified video badging With AXxess, you’ll enjoy the convenience and productivity that comes with a video bad in system that seamlessly inte rates with your access control database. With VideoKey, access- credential information is entered into the system only once and is maintained in a sin le database, fully compatible with standard human resources (HR) soft- ware, ensurin consistency across the access control network.

Integrated CCTV/DVR control AXxess systems provide sin le-screen control of your entire security system. By inte ratin CCTV/DVRs with AXxess, you can monitor alarm events and view video ima es. Control domes, multiplexers, VCRs/DVRs and matrix switchers from a sin le security mana ement workstation or from multiple workstations networked throu hout a facility. AXxess systems inte rate seam- lessly with virtually any family of matrix switchers and CCTV equipment.

Remote site management improves efficiencies Whether your installation includes separate buildin s at a sin le location or remote facilities scattered around the world, AXxess can facilitate control of your electronic securi- ty system from a sin le location. Simply con- nect via Ethernet LAN/WAN or telephone dial-up and you’ll enjoy the same level of control as the primary workstation.

Integrated Elevator Control AXxess security mana ement systems not only allow for the control of doors, ates and other standard portals, but also the capability to control your elevators. Elevators may be confi ured to selectively control access to specific floors, based on Access Level and privile e and enhances your ability to provide security to all areas of your facility.

Database Partitioning Diverse roups, under the mana ement of a sin le AXxess NS application, can maintain exclusive security and control of their portion of a shared database. Database Partitionin will support multiple tenant loca- tions at one site, and/or it will support a sin le or anisation occupyin multiple buildin s and locations.

Additional operator security is provided throu h the Stron Passwords option, and the Operator Expiration feature which auto- matically expires an Operator’s current password on the selected date and forces the creation of a new password, reducin the risk of a compromised password.

Environmental Security In 2002, MAXxess introduced Environmental Security to the Electronic Access Control marketplace. This breakthrou h development moves AXxess inte ration far beyond conventional access control, enablin Security Mana ers to detect and control the followin threats, all seamlessly inte- rated and mana ed from one desktop PC.

Toxic Chemical/Gas Detection Internally throu h HVAC sensin or externally throu h perimeter portals and hand-held mobile units, combustible as, chemicals and chemical warfare a ents can be detected and responded to throu h seamless AXxess inte ration.

Radiation Detection In the area of amma radiation and neu- tron detection, the system can identify special nuclear material (SNM) and medical and industrial isotopes in one second and confirm in two seconds. The detection of these types of threats can also be deployed a ainst movin tar ets such as packa es, pedestrians, and slow movin vehicles.

Unauthorised Parked Vehicle Detection Unauthorised vehicles, penetratin a secured area, tryin to circumvent an inspection area or even parked or idlin too lon , can be detected and displayed on the AXxess raphical floor/site plans. Usin video inte ration and reportin beyond standard motion detection, this intelli ent module discriminates based on sophisticated assessment variables such as size and time.

Video Smoke Detection AXxess utilises existin , conventional CCTV cameras for wide-area outdoor applications, where previously there was no real effective solution for smoke detection. The system software con- tinually analyses the video ima e and reco nises the smallest amounts of smoke, even before it becomes visible to the human eye. An immediate alarm is re istered at the AXxess security centre alon with a location map and response instructions.

Safe CitiesSecurity AXxess links to local traffic mana ement centres to monitor and mana e nearby roadway traffic in the event of a major security incident requirin a comprehensive response.

AXxess Integrated Environmental Security Systems

The current capabilities of AXxess make it the most complete, customisable solution to the challen es faced by Security Mana ers today. As threats and challen es continue to emer e, the open architecture of AXxess allows your security mana ement system to develop and evolve as your business rows.

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