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Listening Comprehension - Holidays

You are now going to hear 6 business people talking about holidays. Listen and decide whether the following statements are true or false. Justify the false ones.

Speaker 1: a. He is entitled to 6 weeks’ holiday a year.

b. He usually only takes a week in the winter and a week in the summer.

Speaker 2:

c. He owns his own company.

d. He always books the family holiday well in advance.

e. They never go to the same place twice.

Speaker 3

f. She takes very few holidays a year.

g. She always keeps in touch with her office when on holiday.

Speaker 4:

h. She longs to go on holiday so that she can relax and do what she wants when she wants.

i. She never gets bored and dreads going back to work.

Speaker 5

j. the most popular location for a holiday in Japan is a hot spring.

k. The Japanese don’t enjoy theme parks, skiing or skating.

l. Guam, Hawaii and Europe are not popular destinations.

Speaker 6

m. He thinks that if you want an exciting night life, you should holiday in a city.

n. If you like scenery, smaller places are better.

o. He believes that people are friendlier in smaller towns.

Now discuss your answers with your partner. Do you agree with these people?


Vocabulary - Trip, Travel, Journey, Voyage or Expedition?

Do you know the difference? Have a go at this exercise.


Functional English – Travel Situations

Practise the following situations:


Booking a flight


I want to fly to Milan on the 10th of next month, returning on the 20th.

I’d like to reserve/book a seat on flight number BA787 to London.

Are there any seats available on the next flight to Madrid?

Is there a connecting flight?

What time do I have to check in?

Are there any particular security requirements?

Where do I collect my ticket?

I’d like to change/reconfirm my reservation/booking on flight number AL765 on the 16th of this month.

I need to get to the airport/railway station as quickly as possible.

One (first class/club class/tourist class) round trip/return ticket/one-way/single to New York, please.

Can I reserve a rented car/a hotel room at the other end?

Is it too early/late to check in for flight number AF087?

Can you tell me what time flight number LH565 is due to arrive/depart?

Could you tell me why my flight is delayed?

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