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JCB Renews Proprietary JCB Card Lineup in Japan

O n July 17, 2009, JCB Co., Ltd., Japan's only international payment brand, and also one of the country's largest credit card issuers, unveiled the JCB Original Series, a renewal of the proprietary lineup of JCB Cards that the company and its franchisees issue for residents of Japan. The JCB Original Series includes the comprehensively upgraded version of the existing JCB Gold and JCB Standard cards, the first full scale renewal since the company was established in 1961, and adds the newly developed JCB Gold Extage and JCB Card Extage cardsi.

As the credit card payment market continues to grow in Japan, every adult in the country has at least three credit cards on average statistically. In this competitive market, it is vital that credit card issuers offer services more precisely designed for their target market in order to be chosen as the customer's preferred card and be used more than any other. JCB took on this challenge, upgrading the basic JCB Card program beginning in April 2008, both to increase the level of satisfaction of the existing five millionii JCB Gold and JCB Standard cardmembers, and to expand the JCB customer base further. In particular the two new Extage card types, available only to those under thirty years of age, are designed to attract younger consumers applying for their first credit card.

JCB leveraged its expertise as a major issuer in Japan to develop the

JCB Original Series line-up of benefits and services, aiming to make the series the customers' top of wallet cards. Common services for all cards of the JCB Original Series include the JCB Original Series Partner program of bonus reward points at selected merchants, double reward points for using the card outside Japan, and e-mail alerts when card use exceeds the amount set by the cardmember. JCB Gold Extage and JCB Card Extage cardmembers earn reward points at 1.5 times the usual rate. The premium segment JCB Gold Extage provides Gold card services including access to airport lounges and exclusive customer desks at an annual fee of JPY 3,150. The JCB Group anticipates issuing a total of 300,000 JCB Original Series cards in the first year.

JCB also renewed the card designs with a sense of Japanese style. The intriguing and elegant new designs were created by Mr. Kazunori Hattori, a leading new generation designer, who depicted customer confidence and trust in the JCB network extending from Japan around the world, and 'en', the strong tie between JCB and its customers.



Depends on card types: some franchisees do not issue the new JCB Gold Extage and JCB Card Extage JCB Gold and JCB Standard are the basic JCB Card types that JCB Co., Ltd. and its franchisees issue in Japan. 'Five million' does not include JCB branded cards issued by other card issuers inside and outside Japan. The total JCB branded cards issued globally are 60.97 million, of which 56 million are issued in Japan by JCB Co., Ltd., its franchisees, other licensee card issuers.

JCB Original Series

JCB Gold

JCB Standard JCB Card Extage (Select from three colors)

JCB Gold Extage




New JCB Core Systems in Production: Business diversification as a comprehensive payment solutions provider

J CB is leveraging its strength as the only international brandholder based in Japan to diversify business in alliance with many financial institutions and other enterprises. In addition to building issuing and acquiring business as one of the largest credit card companies in Japan, JCB is rapidly evolving into a comprehensive payment solutions provider.

As part of this evolution, JCB has been developing next-generation core and peripheral systems to support not only its own payment business, but also client businesses. After five years of development the new acquiring, issuing and brandholder functions went into production in November 2008. JCB is currently reviewing how to make the most of this new system to provide new products,

services and solutions that will become the standard of the future.

The new system is highly maintainable, scaleable and flexible, with the potential to provide operational services to other card companies as well as a wide range of other businesses. The system makes it possible to provide payment solutions beyond JCB's existing business as well as serving as the foundation for higher quality operations and a broader service provider business.

As a comprehensive payment solution provider, JCB is committed to meeting diversifying consumer needs through a wide range of businesses, providing services and solutions to even more customers.

Note: Job titles and departments are those at the time of the event.

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