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JCB Business-to-Business Payment Serves Syokubunka's Online Market Connecting Food Suppliers and Restaurants Nationwide

J CB is making the most of its card payment infrastructure and expertise to accelerate innovation as a comprehensive payment solution provider for individuals and corporations in addition to its credit card brandholder, issuing and acquiring businesses.

On August 10 2009, JCB signed an agreement with K.K Syokubunka for payment services supporting an online food sales network linking Japan's largest fish market in Tsukiji and other fresh food suppliers across the nation to restaurant buyers. JCB's objective is to expand business-to-business payment services by efficiently leveraging its credit management and collections operations.

The new online food sales network “Umaimon Pro” started accepting membership applications from food suppliers and buyers

as of the same day. Food suppliers benefit from fast, easy access to a wide selection of the freshest ingredients, making it possible to find bargains and specialty ingredients that used to be available only to the local market. In addition, payment for all purchases is collected monthly by automatic bank draft, improving cash flow and simplifing paperwork. Food suppliers get a new sales channel to restaurant buyers nationwide as well as much more efficient collection of payments.

JCB, with Japan's largest merchant network, and Syokubunka, with a broad food industry network, have teamed up to make the most of their customer base by offering “Umaimon Pro”. In the future, the companies will consider the feasibility of sales of other products in addition to food ingredients to provide even more added-value service to restaurateurs and food suppliers.

JCB's Expanding Credit Guarantee Business

J CB is actively expanding its credit guarantee business in alliance with financial institutions throughout Japan as a comprehensive payment solution provider in addition to its credit card issuing, acquiring and brandholding business.

From February through September 2009, JCB signed new or renewed agreements for personal unsecured loan guarantees with Akagi Shin'yo Kumiai (Akagi Credit Union1), Kagawa-ken Shin'yo Kumiai (Kagawa Prefecture Credit Union), Amami Shin'yo Kumiai (Amami Credit Union), and SBI Sumishin Net Bank.

When a customer applies for a personal unsecured loan at one of these financial institutions, JCB conducts credit screening and guarantees the loan2. JCB is leveraging its brand power as Japan's only international credit card brand and its expertise in credit management and marketing as a major credit card issuer to provide better service to financial institutions and help them serve more customers. JCB will continue expanding its credit guarantee


business in the future as a comprehensive payment solution provider with products and services that meet a wide variety of needs.



JCB has been providing credit guarantees to Kagawa-ken Shin'yo Kumiai and Akagi Shin'yo Kumiai, and continues with the partnerships for renewed or newly developed products. Loan products and JCB operations and guarantees are different for each financial institution.

JCB Promotes QUICPay™ at Everyday Shopping Locales Steadily Developing Small-value Market

J CB is continuously making progress in expanding the credit card market by promoting QUICPay™ contactless payment in the cash-oriented small value market. Acceptance of the QUICPay payment scheme launched in 2005 is now growing rapidly at convenience stores, gas stations, supermarkets and other everyday shopping locales where fast payment is in high demand. QUICPay increases customer convenience while serving merchant needs for fast cashless payment at the same time.

participate in QUICPay.

According to MOPPA statistics, there were 4.84 million QUICPay users and 182,000 QUICPay acceptance terminals in Japan as of the end of June 2009.

JCB developed the QUICPay contactless scheme for the purpose of opening up Japan's small-value market - estimated at 60 trillion JPY - to credit card payment, making payment more convenient for the nation's consumers. Now QUICPay is the recommended scheme of MOPPA, the Mobile Payment Promotion Association, established in October 2005 and comprised of more than 70 companies, primarily mobile phone operators and credit card companies. As an open scheme, other payment brands can

QUICPay Mobile phone

QUICPay Key Fob

QUICPay Card

Note: Job titles and departments are those at the time of the event.


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