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JCB Strengthens Partnership with China Minsheng Bank

J CB International is enhancing its ties with China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd (CMBC) with the recent co-brand JCB credit cards. In late May 2009, CMBC launched the JCB branded “CMBC - CEA Credit Card” in cooperation with China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited (China Eastern Airlines), and in August, it began to issue JCB branded credit cards with the Chinese popular fashion magazine VIVI.

c o r p o r a t i o n s ' n e e d t o s t r e n g t h e n s e r v i c e t o c u s t o m e r s t h r o u g h a credit card. JCB and JCBI are enhancing partnerships for JCB brand card issuing with CMBC by strategically utilizing the knowledge, skills and network built over 40 years in the credit card business.

During CMBC's development of the co-brand credit cards with China Eastern Airlines and VIVI, JCB provided the issuing bank with

expertise it has accumulated in the m a r k e t , M r . K o r e m i t s u S a n n o m i y a , J C B I ' s P r e Japan credit card s i d e n t & C O O , m a k i n g a s p e e c h a t t h e p r e s s c o n f e r e n c e

responding to CMBC and its partner

At the press conference (from left): Mr. Hirohiko Sugiyama, Head of Regional Headquarters Asia Pacific at JCBI, Mr. Yang Ke, President of Credit Card Center of CMBC, Mr. Shan Chuanbo, Director of Marketing & Sales Committee of China Eastern Airlines, Mr. Shu Shi Zhong, Assistant President, General Manager of Department of Business Management of China UnionPay

About CMBC - CEA Credit Card

The new CMBC - CEA Credit Card combines CMBC credit card services and the China Eastern Airlines mileage program, and also enables cardmember access to JCB global network and services, for an international card that earns China Eastern

Airlines miles when used to purchase air tickets. The CMBC - CEA Credit Card has a lineup of standard, gold, and platinum card types. This is the first JCB branded platinum card to be issued in China.




About CMBC-VIVI Credit Card

The new CMBC - VIVI Credit Card combines CMBC credit card services, JCB brand services, and attractive features including discounts and benefits targeting the young readers of VIVI magazines. The card is available in standard and gold, with beautiful designs featuring cool and fashionable ladies.



JCB and China Everbright Bank Strengthen Alliance with “Everbright Flower Angel Credit Card”

J CB International and major commercial bank China Everbright Bank (CEB) are strengthening their alliance with the launch of a cobrand card featuring the popular manga and anime character Flower Angel Lunlun (Hana no ko Runrun). CEB started accepting card applications in July, appealing to fans of Flower Angel Lunlun with a card design featuring the popular character and providing fans special discounts and privileges. The Everbright Flower Angel Credit Card achieves the goal of CEB to target the Lunlun fan segment, primarily women born in the 1970s and 1980s, with the support of JCB's expertise in card product development.

CEB is an important partner in JCB issuing business in China, the first to issue a JCB brand card in cooperation with a major magazine publisher in the country. JCB will continue working

together with CEB to develop cards meeting the diversifying needs of China's consumers.

JCBI and CEB signed a JCB brand issuing license in February 2007, and in the same year CEB begin issuing JCB cobrand cards in cooperation with a major magazine publisher targeting trend- conscious young men and women, as well as the cobrand cards with PCD Stores, a major Chinese department store.



Note: Job titles and departments are those at the time of the event.


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