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Bank of China and JCB: Five years working together

T his year marks five years since Bank of China and JCB International signed the first JCB brand issuing license agreement in China in June 2004. At that time rapid economic growth was lifting the standard of living of the middle classes and driving increasing consumer demand for international credit cards, leading JCB and JCB International to start approaching major banks in China in 2003 and culminating in the alliance with Bank of China to issue the first JCB brand card in the country. The card was launched in April 2005, supported by Bank of China's strong customer base and nationwide acceptance network, with commemorative designs featuring the two country's traditional performing arts: Japan's kabuki theater and China's Beijing opera. A valued JCB partner ever since, Bank of China has been instrumental in expanding the JCB brand cardmember base in

China. In December 2006, Bank of China was the first to issue a JCB cobrand credit card in cooperation with a major electronics retailer, an innovative fusion of the partners' resources and services to create a high added-value card. JCB was pleased to have contributed its expertise in card product development in the Japan card market to this endeavor. In May 2008, Bank of China launched another JCB cobrand credit card in cooperation with the major department store Sunlight. JCB and JCB International intend to continue making the alliance with Bank of China even stronger, to promote JCB brand cards in the fast growing, diversifying China market.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and JCB Build a Stronger Partnership

S hanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDBank) and JCB International agreed in December 2008 to launch a new JCB cobrand card in cooperation with Guanzhou Mopark Department Store. The new card, issued by SPDBank, will offer points for card use at the department store that can be redeemed for a wide variety of special products, discounts and other benefits. The card is a dual currency international card with access to the JCB acceptance network in China and worldwide, as well as credit card functions and services provided by SPDBank. JCB is proud to support SPDBank card issuing by providing expertise built in the card business in Japan. SPDBank launched its first JCB brand card in March 2007, the Japan Airlines SPDBank Bank Co-Branded Credit Card. SPDBank, a leader in the China card market, joined forces with Japan Airlines,

the global airline based in Japan, and JCB, the international brandholder and major Japanese credit card issuer and acquirer, to meet the increasing need of China's consumers for a mileage card driven by growing economic exchange between the two countries. The card is targeted at internationally active businessmen and women living in China and traveling frequently to Japan. JCB and JCB International look forward to continuing to strengthen the alliance with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and launching a wide variety of cards in the China market.

JCB Partner Forum Held in China with Twenty JCB Brand Partners Invited

J CB and its international subsidiary JCB International (JCBI) together held a JCB Partner Forum in Beijing on March 12 2009, and Shanghai on March 13. JCB and JCBI invited approximately 200 representatives from 20 JCB partner financial institutions and corporations across China to participate in the event. At the forum JCB and JCBI shared the expertise they have built over more than 40 years of experience in the payment industry to support partners in China in enhancing their credit card business, as well as creating a common understanding of the JCB brand direction and strategy for the future, further strengthening the partnership with JCB and JCBI. In addition to detailing strategies for the credit card business in China, sessions were held in three specific areas requested by JCB partners, including case studies in Japan and the chance for exchange of information and opinion between JCB and JCB partner representatives. JCB has held 10 JCB World Conferences designed to share global strategy and strengthen

relationships between JCB and its partners worldwide. Now that the number of JCB cardmembers in China has grown to over two million, JCB is holding the JCB Partner Forum in response to the need to create marketing strategy grounded in the local China market. JCB is committed to supporting its partners in building their card business through a level of support unmatched by the other brands, providing expertise and suggesting solutions specifically designed for the needs of each partner, and opportunities such as this Forum to strengthen business relationships. Mr. Toshifumi Ooka, Chief Representative of JCBI Beijing Rep. Office

At the conference room

Mr. Shinobu Sugihara, Executive Vice President of Marketing Planning Department, JCB

Mr. Masaki Takezawa, Executive Vice President of Risk Management and Planning Department, JCB

Note: Job titles and departments are those at the time of the event.

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