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JCB Enhances Card Acceptance Through Arrangement with OmniPay

O mniPay, a provider of a merchant processing platform specializing in processing transactions from both domestic and international merchants on behalf of acquiring banks, started to enable its client acquirers access to card acceptance and processing of JCB branded credit cards. Currently 25 acquirers in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific, including major global financial institutions and processing companies, are under contract of OmniPay's platform service. Some of these existing corporations are to conduct JCB merchant acquiring operations, by first signing with JCB International, and then with OmniPay respectively. Based in Dublin, Ireland, OmniPay provides a wide range of services that can respond to its clients various needs and demands. For its client

acquirers, JCB business will enhance their product lineup and give value to their merchants, adding the only Japan's international credit card brand as a payment option, giving access to further sales opportunities generated by JCB cardmembers mainly based in Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. In turn, JCB cardmembers will benefit from greater convenience. Aiming to enhance the brand value to contribute to customers and partners' business, JCB and JCB International continues to expand the acceptance base globally through multiple partnerships, arrangements, and discussions with key players around the world.

SIX Multipay Conducts JCB Merchant Acquiring in 26 European Countries

S IX Multipay, the leading acquiring company in Switzerland, started to offer its merchants JCB card acceptance and processing in mid-2008. The agreement with JCB International covers 26 European countries including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, and Germany, which enhances the convenience for JCB Cards in the broad area of important tourist destinations. Mr. Thomas Heigl of JCB International (Europe) Ltd. said, “This partnership marked a milestone for JCB in Switzerland, as JCB International previously conducted merchant acquiring on its

own in this country. As the travelers' needs continues to diversify and there has been an increasing number of JCB cardmembers in Asian countries in recent years, we determined to expand JCB Card acceptance further, and SIX Multipay was naturally our first licensee acquirer. I believe the partnership with the largest merchant acquirer in Switzerland greatly contributes to JCB's brand value as a major international credit card brand.”

JCB Card Acceptance Increases in Austria

C ard complete Service Bank AG (card complete) has started to facilitate JCB Card acceptance in Austria. In August 2008, the Austria's comprehensive payment service provider phased in opening their merchant network throughout the country to JCB cardmembers traveling to this popular tourist destination. They have first facilitated card acceptance in the travel and entertainment area, responding to the needs and demands from Asian countries and territories, where the number of JCB cardmembers are increasing in recent years. Mr. Thomas Heigl of

JCB International (Europe) Ltd. said, “I am excited to see increasing JCB Card acceptance in Austria. I believe the arrangement with card complete significantly accelerates JCB global expansion, as the enhanced acceptance of JCB Card in tourist destinations will give cardmembers greater value as an international, travel and entertainment card brand.” In Austria, PayLife Bank, also one of the nation's largest acquirers, has been conducting JCB merchant acquiring since 2007.

JCB Facilitates Discover Card Usage at JCB Merchants in Japan Under Reciprocal Agreement

A s of April 2009, Discover cardholders are able to use their cards for purchases at selected JCB merchants in Japan, based on a reciprocal agreement between JCB and Discover Financial Services, a leading credit card issuer and electronic payment services company in the United States. To celebrate the beginning of acceptance of Discover cards in Japan on June 23, 2009, Mr. David Nelms, chairman and CEO of Discover, attended a JCB ceremony in cooperation with Sofmap Co., Ltd., a major electronics retailer, at the Sofmap store in Akihabara, Japan's famous electronics town. Mr. Tamio Takakura, president and CEO of JCB, together with Mr. Koremitsu Sannomiya, president and COO of JCB International, and Mr. Susumu Noguchi, president and CEO of Sofmap, greeted Mr. Nelms, who enjoyed browsing the latest in advanced consumer electronics before purchasing merchandise using his Discover card. JCB is opening up its Japanese acceptance network for Discover cardholders starting with locations and merchants that are most patronized by cardholders traveling from the United States, such as the major department store Marui and the major convenience store chain Circle K Sunkus. Additionally, Discover has already begun enabling its systems so JCB cardmembers are able to use their cards at Discover merchant locations in the United States such as Target, Walgreens, Bloomingdale's, Talbot's and Red Lobster.

The agreement between JCB and Discover will significantly expand JCB's acceptance in the U.S., and Discover's acceptance in Japan, providing additional value for both companies' cardholders in the important international region. This strategic partnership represents another important milestone for both companies' international growth as JCB and Discover continue to seek new ways to extend its global reach and bring more choice and value to merchants, issuers and consumers at home and abroad. Enhancing the convenience of the JCB card around the world is one of JCB's missions as an international brand. JCB is working unceasingly to expand the global acceptance network through alliances with major banks and other financial institutions in every market.

Mr. David Nelms, Chairman and CEO of

From left: Mr. Tamio Takakura, President and CEO of JCB; Mr. David Nelms, Chairman and CEO of Discover; Mr. Susumu Noguchi, President and C.E.O. of Sofmap


Note: Job titles and departments are those at the time of the event.


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