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Jack A. Kampmeier

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Ph.D. 1960, University of Illinois

RESEARCH INTERESTS Organic reaction mechanisms: free radical chemistry, organometallic reactions, and elec- tron transfer reactions. Chemical education: e Peer-Led Team Learning Workshop.

CONTACT kamp@chem.rochester.edu

In previous Newsletters, I have commented on my collabora- tive work with Frank Saeva (Kodak) and Torben Lund (Rosk- ilde University, Denmark). In 2008, we brought that project to completion by submitting “Regioselectivity in the Reductive Bond Cleavage of Diarylalkylsulfonium Salts: Variation with Driving Force and Structure of Sulfuraryl Radical Intermedi- ates” to JACS. This work had its origins in key observations by another long-time colleague, Don Wedegaertner, during his sabbatical at Rochester in 1995. I am reading page proofs for JACS as I write these notes.

The Workshop year got off to a good start with the James Flack Norris award ceremony in Boston last November (see last year’s Newsletter article or http://www.chem.rochester.edu/news/ news.php?id=11). The local program took a big step forward with the introduction of Workshops in two core courses in the MBA program in the Simon School of Business. The first re- ports from faculty and peer leaders are enthusiastic and prepa- rations are underway for a second year in 2009-10. This experi- ment is the first intramural transfer of the workshop program to another college and a significant implementation in the social sciences. (Coincidentally, Mark Zupan, the Dean of the Simon School is the son of MARIA ZUPAN PH.D. ’64 with W. D. Walters in Chemistry).

In 1995, I got tapped to lead the search committee to find a new Dean of the River Campus libraries. One thing leads to another and in this case, to a continuing involvement with the Friends of the University of Rochester Libraries and a two-year term as President of that organization (2007-2009). A col- league noted that volunteer activities bring rewarding oppor- tunities to make new friends; that was certainly true in my case as I became involved with new colleagues and programs in our superb research libraries. I was predisposed to these activities by a long-term tutorial from Arleen Somerville and Andy Kende about the power of librarians and libraries.

Owl Sculpture atop the Cupola of Rush Rhees Library

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