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Andrew S. Kende

Charles F. Houghton Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Ph.D. 1957, Harvard University

RESEARCH INTERESTS Total synthesis of alkaloids, terpenes, and antibiotics; rearrangement reactions; synthesis of antineoplastic natural products; chemistry of small rings; chemical and biochemical stud- ies of polyhalogenated xenobiotics and of bacterial autoinducers.

CONTACT kende@chem.rochester.edu

Now living full time in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife Frances, Pro- fessor ANDREW KENDE and Mrs. Kende returned to Roch- ester for a week in mid-August, then continued on to the 238th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Washington, DC. As a Director of Organic Reactions, Inc., Prof. Kende par- ticipated in the August 17th annual meeting of the O.R. Board of Directors as that book series expands into a full electronic ver- sion readily accessible to organic chemists worldwide.

Prof. Kende is now a proud member of the Central Arizona Section of the American Chemical Society. In January 2009 he

hosted NORITADA MATSUO POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW ‘88 a Research Fellow at Sumitomo Co., on Dr. Matsuo’s most recent trip to Phoenix. Prof. Kende looks forward to visiting the UR Chemistry Department in March 2010 to enjoy the fifth “Andrew S. Kende Distinguished Lecture Series”, to be delivered by Prof. Dean Toste of the University of California at Berkeley during the week of March 29, 2010. Prof. Kende invites former UR graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and colleagues to contact him via his UR email address (kende@chem.rochester. edu) if they plan to be in the Phoenix area in the coming year.

Todd D. Krauss

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. 1998, Cornell University

RESEARCH INTERESTS Physical chemistry; synthesis and characterization of nanometer scale materials and de- vices, techniques include single molecule photoluminescence spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, ultrafast and nonlinear optical spectroscopy. Biophysical chemistry; single molecule studies of protein folding dynamics.

CONTACT krauss@chem.rochester.edu

The KRAUSS group this past year produced more productive members of society. Congratulations to KATIE LEACH PH.D. ’09, who successfully defended her thesis in April. Katie was highly sought after even in this tough job market, and she is now working for Advanced Concepts and Technologies International directing their carbon nanotube and graphene research program. ZHIHUI BAN POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW ’09 departed the group in February after completing toxicology studies on whether nanoparticles can cross the blood-brain barrier. Zhihui is currently in Boston with his two new children and we expect has his hands full! Congratulations are also in order for Chris Ev- ans, who won selection to participate in the 59th meeting of No- bel Laureates in Lindau, Germany this summer, as well as a 2009

SPIE Scholarship in Optical Science and Engineering. Chris also discovered the first general mechanism for synthesis of semicon- ductor nanoparticles, which allowed him to produce the same amount of product with 1000 times less starting material! This is an important discovery and actually has caught the interest of several large companies that make nanoparticles.

Postdoctoral fellows Xiaoyong Wang, Andrea Lee and graduate student Lisa Carlson also had a break-through discovery: they were able to increase the emission efficiency of carbon nanotubes in solution by 10 times! Their discovery will likely lead to many uses of nanotubes for applications requiring a very stable source

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