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Thomas R. Krugh

Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. 1969, Pennsylvania State University

RESEARCH INTERESTS Biophysical chemistry; structural analysis of biomolecules from two-dimensional NMR,

  • uorescence, and UV-visible spectroscopies, along with energy minimization and molecu-

lar dynamics calculations.

CONTACT krugh@chem.rochester.edu

Our summer National Science Foundation Research Experi- ence for Undergraduates (NSF REU) program continues as one focus of TOM KRUGH’s activities. The 2009 summer pro- gram includes 17 UR students along with seven students from other schools. NSF renewed funding for our REU program and this is the first year in a new three-year cycle. You may recall from past years that we also had six high school teachers each summer, funded also by the NSF grant. NSF, unfortunately, decided to cancel the program that funded high school teach- ers. The heart of our program remains focused on our summer

undergraduate research participants and, in that respect, we are delighted funding is continuing for another three years. Tom traveled to Dublin, Ireland last December to participate in a National Science Foundation of Ireland panel to review propos- als for summer research programs. The weekend after returning from Dublin, Tom and Rody journeyed to Palo Alto for a 75th birthday celebration of John Baldeschwieler, who was Tom’s postdoctoral adviser (July 1969 to July 1970). It was enjoyable to catch up with ‘old’ friends from Tom’s postdoctoral year at Stanford.

David W. McCamant

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. 2004, University of California, Berkeley

RESEARCH INTERESTS Ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy of structural dynamics in photochemistry; vibrational coupling and relaxation; structural rearrangements in photoinduced charge-transfer mol- ecules and photoexcited nucleic acids.

CONTACT mccamant@chem.rochester.edu

The MCCAMANT group has been continuing to grow and get better data. In May 2008, undergraduate BRENDON LYONS

  • B.S. ‘08 graduated but decided to continue with us for an-

other year while pursuing a Master’s degree. We were also lucky enough to have junior Randy Mehlenbacher continue to work with us this year. We’ve had exciting collaborations studying the ultrafast dynamics of a number of platinum compounds that the Eisenberg group has assembled, as well as a fun collection of charge-transfer and excimer dimers from the Rothberg group. Third-year graduate student Kristina Wilson and Brendon re- ceived the physical chemistry graduate student poster award at the fall 2009 ACS meeting. First-year graduate student Einstein Ofotsu Djabeng joined the group this year and will be pursuing

studies of DNA photophysics, working with our new post-doc Yong Du. Yong came here after his Ph.D. at the University of Hong Kong, where he worked with another Rochester alum, Prof. DAVID PHILLIPS POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW ’92, who did work with Anne Myers here in Rochester. Dave had a busy spring semester teaching CHM 458, Molecular Spectros- copy and Structure and CHM 460, Chemical Kinetics, in addi- tion to CHM 231, Chemical Instrumentation, in the fall. Last summer, Dave and his group were excited to learn that two re- search proposals submitted last year were granted. The Ameri- can Chemical Society’s Petroleum Research Fund will support a study to probe vibrational coupling in aromatic hydrocarbons and metallocenes using femtosecond stimulated Raman spec-

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