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troscopy (FSRS). Dave was also thrilled to receive an NSF CAREER award. With this award the McCamant group will receive significant funding over the next five years from the NSF Experimental Physical Chemistry program in support of their research to develop femtosecond stimulated Raman spec- troscopy (FSRS) to study ultrafast processes in photochemistry and photobiology. Research is progressing well on all fronts and we’re enjoying life, science and the camaraderie of the base- ment in Hutchison Hall.

Colleen Kellenberger (B.S. ‘09) and Dave McCamant

John S. Muenter

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Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Ph.D. 1965, Stanford University

RESEARCH INTERESTS Molecular spectroscopic studies of inter- and intramolecular interactions using molecular beam, microwave, and laser techniques.

CONTACT muenter@chem.rochester.edu

JOHN MUENTER is enjoying retirement but he is still active in the Department, coming to seminars and attending Dave McCamant’s research group meetings. Spectroscopy collabo- rations are continuing with Carlo Callegari and with MARK MARSHALL B.S. ’75 and Helen Leung. There are no new papers this year, but two should appear in the coming year. One will describe the last work from the long collaboration with Tom Rizzo in Switzerland. The main author on this paper is Andrea Callegari, Carlo’s identical twin brother, and the paper describes quantum beat measurements used to observe electric dipole moments of very high energy vibrational states of wa- ter. The second paper is from the Technical University in Graz, Austria, with Carlo, and describes ESR measurements on single

alkali metal atoms adsorbed on the surface of liquid helium nanodroplets. This work was done in the old Rochester mo- lecular beam apparatus since it moved to Graz.

The Erie Canal

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