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Several more graduate students have joined the group and are bringing new energy and talent. Xiao Wang from Biophysics and Structural Biology, a program to which Lewis was recently appointed, is continuing TINGJUAN GAO’s PH.D. ’04 work on reective interferometry and applying it to interesting biomo- lecular science problems. We received a grant to build a prototype instrument and we are publicizing the advantages of the method to facilitate it becoming widely used for label-free sensing. Chi- Sheng Chang, a materials science student with synthetic interests and experience has begun a project to further the group’s work on investigating how plasmon enhancement by metal nanoparticles can be used to address problems in solar photovoltaic technology. Kelly Sassin from Physics is studying mechanistic issues in organic light-emitting diodes and photovoltaics in collaboration with Dr. Ralph Young and Dr. Al Marchetti whom we are blessed to have as resident scientists who contribute heavily to both our research and educational missions.

Ben Martin is writing up his h-year M.S. project and we are happy he has decided to continue in our Ph.D. program. His research has a lot of momentum now and we are anticipating exciting results in single chain polymer spectroscopy. He is also working on several biological applications of single molecule spectroscopy with Prof. Alan Smrcka from the medical school. A cadre of talented undergraduates have worked with us during the year including ZANNY STWERTKA B.A. ’09 (who also decided to enter our Ph.D. program), Kishan Tarpara and MATT MERRIMAN B.S. ’09. Matt and Kishan both did largely syn- thetic chemistry, a brave undertaking in the Rothberg group, but something Lewis has come to appreciate very much as integral to our progress. Lewis was privileged to be able to present Matt with his degree and pleased to see him on his way to medical school aer a year of work.

Growing and shaping the energy research and materials program on campus are two of the prominent initiatives on campus now and our group is in the middle of both eorts. Lewis presented some of the group’s work on plasmon-enhanced organic solar cells at the Energy Research Initiative meeting in April and helped to co-organize the Nanomaterials Symposium in May. We are work- ing closely with a number of colleagues including Todd Krauss, Ching Tang, Shaw Chen and Philippe Fauchet to bring high pro-

  • le materials and energy centers to campus. Dean Rob Clark, the

new Dean of Engineering, is a strong and aggressive advocate of these programs and there is a universal sense that good things will come of our eorts.

As usual, we hosted several summer students. Janelyn Gonzalez Morales worked on Forster transfer studies with Steve Paquette and Adam Breland with Ben Martin on DNA strand invasion experiments, a collaborative eort with Profs. Doug Turner and DAVE MATHEWS PH.D. ’02, M.D. ’03. In addition, David Stelter, a Pittsford high school summer student joined us to study DNA adsorption using Raman spectroscopy. Summer in Roch- ester is delightful and Lewis hopes to spend much more time in the lab.

Lewis taught the graduate quantum mechanics class (CHM 451) for the rst time this fall and loved it. He taught the advanced spectroscopy lab (CHM 232) in the Spring under somewhat chal- lenging conditions (on crutches from an Achilles tendon rupture) and was very grateful to James Morris, a super teaching fellow, and Ray Teng who picked up a lot of the attendant slack. Lewis contin- ues to be active both presenting work and organizing professional meetings. is year, he gave seminars at the University of Chicago, University of Connecticut, University of Colorado Boulder and Colgate as well as invited talks at the Society for Information Display meeting and the Optical Probes of Conjugated Polymers meeting. Lewis was also program co-chair for the annual national APS Division of Laser Science/Optical Society meeting and on several other conference program committees.

As mentioned last year, one of the developments from the lab has spawned a commercialization eort and Lewis remains involved in that work. Dr. Barbara Stwertka is doing a sensational job mov- ing that work forward with Rhiannon Gaborski of Dinity and Lewis is having a blast interacting with them and watching the progress and growth of that eort. Moreover, Barbara has had a huge substantive impact on many projects in the group and her enthusiasm and “can do” attitude have noticeably brightened the environment. e company, Dinity Genomics, rents space in Hutchison and reached an agreement to license our intellectual property from the University. Dinity was blessed with a savvy, energetic and charismatic new CEO this past fall, Je Helfer, who has enhanced the prospects of success enormously. is should be an exciting and pivotal year for that work.

Shelby, Lewis, Charles (6), and Vivian (5) are growing happily. Shelby is doing terric work at Kodak and thriving in her myriad roles outside of work as well. Charles is enjoying soccer and Star Wars while Vivian is partial to gymnastics and Pet Shop. Lewis’ mother, Esther Conwell, was recognized for her contributions to science with an honorary degree from SUNY Geneseo and con- tinues to be active in the department and a source of inspiration to many.

Lewis Rothberg at the 2009 Chemistry Diploma Ceremony


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