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Figure : importance of Virtualization to large enterprises (infoWorld 006)

is interest in virtualizing the SAN fabric itself, in order to consolidate multiple physical SANs into one logical SAN, or segment one physical SAN into multiple logical storage networks.

For a decade, Emulex has been a key supplier of SAN connectivity solutions. With the broadest enterprise deployment of Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs), Emulex products sit at the nexus of the virtualization infrastructure. Emulex LightPulse® Virtual HBA technology contains key building blocks that enable customers to fully realize the benefits of server virtualization deployed in a SAN environment, and extends the value of fabric virtualization. Moreover, with the recent addition of intelligent storage processor products, Emulex now offers important enabling technology for partners building storage virtualization solutions.

server Virtualization & emulex Products Server virtualization is the virtualization technology that has garnered the most interest and customer attention (see Figure 2). In fact, it is becoming one of the most rapidly adopted data center technologies in recent memory. Vendors like VMware and Microsoft, the Xen open source virtualization initiative, and almost every major Unix vendor are bringing virtualization technology to the server platform. Intel and AMD have announced virtualization-assist features for their processors.

server virtualization provides the ability to deploy a discrete number of full-featured application environments called ”virtual machines” or “guests”, on a single, or a few, hardware platforms. Hardware resource scheduling and management is run behind the scenes by a “hypervisor”, a user-invisible operating system. This promises, and is starting to deliver, benefits that meet important user needs:

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