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Figure : Fabric-based storage Virtualization

a single adapter to connect into multiple virtual fabrics, by tagging each individual frame for fabric routing. This capability, embedded in standard adapter firmware, will be activated by upcoming Emulex drivers and fabric switch firmware versions, as part of ongoing partnerships with leaders such as Cisco.

Multiple fabric integration will provide expanded flexibility in connecting large enterprise servers to virtual fabrics, without dedicating adapter resources to each fabric, or implementing resource-intensive, overhead-prone inter- SAN links. Furthermore, in combination with N-Port ID Virtualization, it will allow individual virtual machines or applications to be mapped to a specific virtual fabric, thereby providing each line of business or mission-critical application with optimized fabric services and storage resources.

White paper

Emulex’s LightPulse Virtual capabilities enable convergence of virtual fabrics and server virtualization to provide a resilient, scalable, flexible and business-optimized environment as part of the Virtualized Data Center.

storage Virtualization & emulex Products After great initial excitement, network-based storage virtualization adoption has lagged behind that of server virtualization. However, the first wave of storage virtualization solutions was offered primarily by start- ups, which made data center managers cautious in their investments. More recently, established vendors like EMC, IBM, HP, Hitachi, and others have entered the market with their own technologies, or by partnering with other vendors

  • which will further catalyze the adoption of this technology.

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