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basis of a business event type. What the system actually does is assign the teaching workload to the

respective object in the

infotype (1753).

You can use teaching workload data in user-defined reports, for example, to settle payment for teaching activities, to compare planned and actual teaching workload data, or to compare total teaching effort with the teaching effort of individual persons. SAP does not provide any reports for such purposes as requirements vary greatly from one university to another.


You can assign a teaching workload to a person or an external person. The system saves this assignment in relationship 543 (expends effort for/requires effort by). You can also split the teaching workload between two persons.

You can store the teaching hours of individual instructors in the HR Funds and Position Management component (PA-PM-FP).

Prerequisites You have made the settings for teaching workload in Customizing for

under . You have

also observed the tips on how to set up the teaching workload which are given there.

When you assign a teaching activity while editing the teaching workload, the system shows the unit of the teaching activity. This unit is assigned to the teaching activity via the teaching activity grouping of this teaching activity. You can assign teaching activities to teaching activity groupings in Customizing for

in the

IMG activity. A teaching activity

which is not assigned to a teaching activity grouping does not have a unit.

Activities You can enter the teaching workload for the above objects with the following transactions:

( (transaction code PIQACADOFFER00) (transaction code PIQACADOFFER01) t r a n s a c t i o n c o d e P I Q _ A C C A T L G )

In Resource Planning you choose the resources required for an event. Resources can be classrooms, materials, and instructors. Resources are grouped into resource types, which you can assign to events and event types.

You can search for resources in two ways:

  • Standard Resource Search

This search only displays the resources that are available for the event type you have specified.

  • Free Search

This search displays all resources that match your selection criteria, and checks their availability afterwards.

More Information For more information, see Customizing for Student Lifecycle Management under

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