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A student wants to book

which requires successful completion of

. At the

time of booking, the student is booked on

but has not yet completed this module. If the

can book the

option is set in relationship 529 between these two modules, you (or the system) module conditionally. The conditional booking indicator can be removed

when the student has completed the


Integration Relationship 509 (

) contains a conditional booking option for rule checks in the VSR

environment. If this indicator is set and the checks which are performed for validations in the VSR rules return an error message, the system does not block module booking but will allow the module to be booked c o n d i t i o n a l l y . H o w e v e r , t h i s o n l y a p p l i e s f o r e x t e n d e d r u l e c h e c k s o f t h e r u l e c o n t a i n e r . Y o u s e t t h e

indicator in the

object of the

infotype (1747). If the VSR rule check in

question is not an extended rule check, the system responds as if the conditional booking option were not set for relationship 509.

E x t e n d e d r u l e c h e c k s m u s t b e f u l f i l l e d f o r u n c o n d i t i o n a l b o o k i n g s , b u t n o t f o r c o n d i t i o n a l o n e s . I f e x t e n d e d is set for rule checks which are performed for rule checks fail and the

containers and objects of the academic structure linked by relationship 509, you or the system can make a module booking anyway. The result of the module booking with relationship 506 ( is conditional in this case.


Features The system can determine module booking prerequisites which have not been fulfilled as open prerequisites.

If the

is set for relationship 529 or 533 between modules, these modules can be

booked conditionally if the specified prerequisite is still open.


is located in the relationship


A conditional booking can either be made automatically by the system (type A) or manually by the system administrator (type M). Conditional bookings can be removed manually (for type A and type M) or automatically during a booking check (only type A).

The conditional booking itself is characterized by an entry in the conditional booking field of relationship 506.

You make the settings required to override the prerequisite check in Customizing for



T h e R F C f u n c t i o n m o d u l e H R I Q _ S T U D E N T _ B O O K I N G f o r m o d u l e b o o k i n g c o n t a i n s t h e e x p o r t parameter EV_COND_BOOKINGS. This parameter contains the value were created in a booking activity. if conditional bookings

Activities You can edit conditional bookings in the following ways:

In the module booking dialog (program content)

Select the conditional booking, and choose

th the quick into text


You can determine if the conditional booking was set automatically (type A) or manually (type

M) by the value in the


You can display the message log the system created for a conditional booking by choosing

with the quick info text


You can run a conditional booking check from the

dialog by choosing

with the quick info text

. The system checks if the condition is

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