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still set for the booking. Depending on the result of the check, you can either remove the condition or cancel the booking.

You can create create your own conditional booking check program using the sample program RHIQCBF0 () as a template.

When you run a conditional booking check, the system checks only those rule containers that apply for the conditional booking.

  • In the academic work overview of the student file extended maintenance dialog In the extended maintenance dialog of the student file, you can edit the conditional bookings without any system checks.

In the relevant object data record of infotype 1001 (



is located in the relationship



You can keep waiting lists for module bookings. This enables you to continue booking modules, business events or event packages even when the optimum and maximum capacity has already been reached. In this case, the system makes the bookings to a waiting list.

You can keep waiting lists for the following object types:

  • Modules (object type SM)

  • Event packages (object type SE)

  • Business events (object type E)

When you define for which of these object types the system should keep waiting lists, you choose the waiting list level. You can either define the waiting list level globally for all modules in Customizing for

(see below), or separately for each module in the

infotype (1746).

Whether or not a booking is a waiting-list booking is defined by the booking priority stored in relationship 506

between the

(object type ST) and the

. The booking priority is a number between 0 and 99.

You can define the priority area for each booking type (waiting-list booking, normal booking, and essential booking) in Customizing for waiting lists (see below). Waiting-list bookings usually have high priority numbers, for example, between 80 and 99.

When you define booking priorities, you must make sure to synchronize the priority settings in

with those in . This ensures that the business event bookings which are linked to module bookings are handled in the same way as the higher-level module bookings.

If a non-SAP system contains waiting-list bookings for modules or business events, you must assign the appropriate booking priority to them in the PRIOX field of relationship 506 for module bookings and relationship 025 for business event bookings. The value of this field depends on your waiting list Customizing settings.


You can make the settings for waiting lists in Customizing for →→



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